WHO’S ON MY WIFI Premium APK v23.5.2 WiFi Network Scanner App Apk

WHO’S ON MY WIFI Premium APK v23.5.2 WiFi Network Scanner App Apk Free Download? Hi! Friends, I will share a wifi network scanner app to help you find who is using your wifi network and what they are browsing and downloading. So, it is an easy-to-use app for your android device. Because, It gives you the option to rename the devices, which is useful when trying to remember all the devices that use your wifi. I like this app much more than those similar that I’ve tried. I don’t speak the lingo much regarding internet connectivity – I could figure out what and who’s on my wifi easily. Thanks for the great app! I should add that this app also lists your router with a link to its “configuration page.” That will take you to another link to download the manufacturer’s app to access your router configuration. Also, check out for Windows WiFi Network Scanner App.Who is on my wifi network scanner app

WHO’S ON MY WIFI Premium App Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

In a sense, that somewhat creates redundancy, but I can live with it. The creators of this app are very generous, so I’m going with 5 stars. Handy to have. The ads aren’t as annoying after the last couple of updates. I have two networks and running a LAN cable to my NAS server in the garage. I’ll probably get the pro version when I get everything set up. It’d be great if they had a GUI for the desktop too. Any plans for devs, as an app image or a deb file? Anyway, Good job. Five stars as far as I’m concerned. Seriously a great app. NETWORK SCANNER App gives you access to your router to monitor your connections’ security. You see who is currently on your signal and who has been signed onto your signal in the past. You can block devices. You can individually name them as you identify what and who they are. You can even schedule access times for a specific device that is not where your kids can’t play on their Xbox all day long, lol. Who is on my wifi app mod apk network scannerI found it to be accurate. I suspected my ISP. Although I was having no problem with my internet service, they had come to my home on several (at least 3) occasions and “worked” on my (leased) equipment. After I downloaded this app, I knew others were on my WIFI. NETWORK SCANNER shows my router name and four others for which I need a password. Long story cut short. Thank you for this app. I am working diligently to secure my service. I admit I was leery at first, but you have certainly made a believer out of me. The only upgrade I would like to see has the program in the background at all times. The start-up takes some time, so I know if this is mainly for the user to run in the background. Might it be possible for the program always to watch your wifi even when you are not home? Who is on my wifi network scanner app mod apkThe great product certainly does what it says! NETWORK SCANNER App is an excellent simple app that tells me all I need to know to figure out how many unnecessary things are on my network, slowing it down so I can take them offline. But my favorite thing is their privacy policy. Some of these other app developers should do the same thing. No sharing of private information is hard to find in an app these days. I downloaded this app thinking it would be a joke like most other apps of the same genre, but this little app is the real deal, no joke. NETWORK SCANNER App for android will list everything on your network, even stuff you did not know about. Each device’s IP and Mac address, and the individual DNS for each device, work perfectly and is so simple to use. Nothing to it !! I give it ten stars out of five. The best app ever !! So, if you need then, follow the below link and download it below.

The Features of WiFi Network Scanner App 2022 Full Version:

  1. Customize the name and icon of your devices.
  2. Access to the router configuration web page.
  3. History of devices and networks analyzed.
  4. Shows the devices connected and disconnected from your WiFi network.
  5. Displays device information such as hostname, IP address, gateway, netmask, DNS, and much more.
  6. Day and night mode.
  7. Widget.


  • Design improvements.
  • Updated privacy policy.
  • Added notification when new devices are found.
  • Export networks with file format CSV, XML.
  • Added the privacy settings section, restored default values, and deleted application data.
  • Compatible with Android 12.
  • Update libraries.
  • Bugs fixed.

How to Download and Install WHO’S ON MY NETWORK SCANNER WIFI Premium into Android?

  1. First, click the download button below and shift to the NETWORK SCANNER download page.
  2. On the download page, you can easily download App.
  3. After downloading, please install and start using it.

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