Ventor Barcode Premium app Apk v2.5.6 Odoo ERP Inventory Management App APK

Ventor Barcode Premium app Apk v2.5.6 Odoo ERP Inventory Management App APK For Android Full Version. Hi! Friends today will share with you the Best ERP APP for Android that will help you manage your Inventory by scanning the Barcode on the Products Packages. So, If you are looking for a Barcode app that works like ERP to manage Inventory, you are in the Right Place. Today, you can download Ventor Pro Premium App for your Android, an inventory management app for Odoo Enterprise or Community. Did you know that the ERP By Odoo Inventory management app works with Odoo ERP starting from Odoo v8 and simplifies your inventory management (in Odoo Community and Enterprise)? Need similar For Windows Free Download, then, Check out ERP Inventory Manager For Windows Free Download 2022.Ventor barcode app apk

Ventor Barcode Wherehouse Inventory Management App Full Version Screenshots:

It helps by making receiving, delivery, and Inventory adjustments of goods in warehouses and stores of any size. So, download the Ventor Barcode App apk now to provide instant access to all Odoo warehouse operations from an Android-based mobile terminal (barcode scanner) or just a phone and help you optimize your warehouse processes more efficiently. You download the app from the given below link and download it. After installing the app, it will help you to take this easy step toward warehouse automation! Because Ventor Pro Apk 2022 will support all warehouse operations, manages lots/SNs, and packages, allow multiple order picking and guide your pickers through the warehouse. Ventor wherehouse inventory managment appSupport GS1 barcodes for Odoo v11 and higher (Community and Enterprise). This Ventor Barcode app means Ventor Barcode App was developed to cover all possible warehouse workflows for every user role fully and as comfortably as possible. With a straightforward interface, big buttons, and requiring only minimal interaction with the screen, the app is more convenient for users than the standard Odoo barcode app. Our app provides flexible configurations to cover specific processes and has certain functions to avoid accidental mistakes or potential chaos in the system. So, after using it at my house to manage the Inventory on android. I can say the Absolute app game-changer for Odoo Inventory and Warehouse Management. Ventor barcode app apk for androidNot sure why Odoo has not adopted Ventor as its standard barcode module. The Ventor Barcode App supports all warehouse operations: goods picking by optimal route, receiving and delivery, internal transfers, packaging, printing shipping labels, running Inventory, and getting instant product information. It works perfectly on Zebra TC 20/25 or any modern mobile phone. The best Odoo inventory app that you can find in 2022. So, finely I can say that this is an excellent app with great support and extended functionality. All warehouse operations are made in seconds. Many thanks to the developers. So, if you need this app right now, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of Ventor Barcode App Odoo Inventory Management Software:

  1. Full Odoo Inventory control.
  2. Receive or deliver items based on sales and purchase orders.
  3. Processing putaway and changing the destination location of goods during any Odoo warehouse operation.
  4. Optimized stock counting processes for fast Odoo inventory adjustments.
  5. Picking multiple orders at once and optimizing picker routes.
  6. Print shipping or packing slip labels directly to a printer (the “Odoo Direct Print PRO” app is required).
  7. Get suggestions about where to pick the next product from the picking list.
  8. Scan a product and get all the information about available quantities or locations.
  9. Move an item from any location to another in two scans.
  10. Create Sales and Purchase orders directly from the warehouse using only a barcode scanner.
  11. Create and assign lots and serial numbers for any product.
  12. Manually input products or locations for non-bar coded products.
  13. Direct access to all Odoo apps with built-in mERP (Odoo Mobile) application.
  14. Simple UI and Google Materials design.
  15. Keep your stock accurately up to date.
  16. Added the Behavior on split operation setting in the Warehouse operations menu.
  17. Improved Inventory Adjustments menu (added manual search by inventory reference on the inventories screen and by-product inside the inventory).
  18. Improved works with an expiration date.
  19. Fixed increment for product packaging on the keyboard screen.
  20. Minor fixes in the Internal transfers menu.
  21. Fixed settings on the operations types in the Warehouse operations menu.
  22. General bugfix and improvement.

How to Download and Install Ventor Barcode App on Android?

  1. First, click on the download button below and shift to the download page.
  2. You can easily download it from our site with a direct link on the download page.
  3. After downloading, please read the instructions on the download page and follow them.
  4. After that, your software will be ready for use.

So if you need this software, I mean accounting and invoice are creating software. Then, follow the link and download its full version.
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