Ulysses App For Mac v30.4 The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone

Ulysse‪s‬ App for Mac Free Download v30.4 The ultimate writing app for Mac OS X. Ulysses is your one-stop writing environment for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Its pleasant, focused writing experience, combined with effective document management, seamless sync, and flexible export, make Ulysses the first choice for writers of all kinds. The app is amazing. An absolute delight to use. Well done. Ulysses’ markup-based, distraction-free editor lets you focus on your most important task: Write, edit, and write some more. Formatting is kept later, so you can completely immerse yourself in the text. Ulysses’ uniquely streamlined toolset covers the entire writing process, and its clean and simple interface will boost your productivity. Also, check out a final draft for mac.Ulysses App For Mac v22 The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone From the first to the final draft, from the prologue to the closing chapter. Ulysses keeps you in the flow, so you can get stuff done. A Text Production Powerhouse. Everything you’ll ever write is stored in Ulysses’ unified library. You can manage projects of all kinds and sizes- novels, diaries, or study notes – they are always saved and automatically in sync. And since Ulysses App offers feature parity across macOS and iOS, it doesn’t matter where you are or when inspiration hits: All its tools, and all your texts, are always at your fingertips. Write with confidence, thanks to Ulysses’ integrated grammar and style check. Available in over 20 languages, it analyzes your text and offers informed suggestions for capitalization, punctuation, semantics, redundancy, style, and more. Ulysses’ export is flexible enough to cover any writer’s needs.

Transform your text into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, or eBooks. Or export HTML code, ready to be used anywhere on the web. You can even choose between various pre-made formatting styles for all kinds of purposes or create your own and share it with other users. Do you blog? Ulysses offers best-in-class publishing to WordPress, Ghost, and Medium. You can post to WordPress and Ghost from right within the app – complete with images, tags, categories, etc. Publishing to Medium works just as easily, and all three offer a built-in preview to proofread before submission. Ulysses requires a subscription. We offer monthly and yearly subscription plans. They include a fully functional trial so that you can test Ulysses (including export and sync). There’s also a special discount for students. All plans unlock the app on Mac, iPhone, and iPad and feature full synchronization. So, if you need? Then, follow the below link and download it.

The Feature of Ulysses App For Mac Full Version:

  1. All Your Texts, All the Time.
  2. Built-In Proofreader and Editing Assistant.
  3. Create eBooks, DOCX, PDFs, and HTML.
  4. Publish to WordPress, Ghost & Medium.
  5. There is a new publishing integration: You can now upload posts to your Micro. Blog account from within Ulysses.
  6. WordPress publishing gained the option to update previously published posts.
  7. You can now display headings in the editor in a larger size.
  8. The default theme D22 demonstrates this new setting and lets you easily distinguish your headings.
  9. You can now color-customize your group icons.
  10. We revamped the look & feel of several panels, e.g., you can now type to filter in the markup and the navigation panel.
  11. We changed the following shortcuts: ⌘9 now opens the markup panel, ⇧⌘and D takes you to Favorites.
  12. Added the system font “New York” to font selection.
  13. The Quick Export panel now closes automatically after the export has finished.
  14. Typewriter Mode was reworked to fit better with large images and headings.
  15. The WordPress preview was updated to the new Twenty Twenty-One theme.
  16. Improved the compatibility with gallery plugins under WordPress 5.
  17. When publishing HTML posts to WordPress, the code block syntax is set correctly.
  18. Improved performance when switching between Ulysses and other apps.
  19. Improved VoiceOver support in various parts of the app.
  20. Fixed bugs that could cause display errors when editing block quotes or bookmarks.
  21. Numerous small bug fixes and improvements.

How to download and Install Ulysse‪s app into Mac OS?

  1. First, Click on the red button below and shift to the download page.
  2. You can easily download Ulysse‪s app for Mac on the download page.
  3. After downloading, please read the instruction on the download page and follow them.
  4. After that, your app will be ready for use.

download ulysses app for mac

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