Step Tracker Pedometer Premium APK v2.2.3 Best Step Counter & Steps Tracker without GPS App

Step Tracker Pedometer Premium APK v2.2.3 Best Step Counter & Steps Tracker without GPS App. Step Tracker Pedometer Premium MOD APK is an application that can help you track your calories burned and your walking distance in the most straightforward way. All of the following information will be displayed extremely accurately in graph form. So, are you looking for an accurate step counter & steps tracker? Does your pedometer use too much power? Our step counter & steps tracker is the most accurate one you can find and is also battery saving pedometer. Get our step counter & steps tracker now. This pedometer uses a built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so it can significantly save battery. It also tracks your burned calories, walking distance and time, etc. All this information will be displayed in graphs. Just tap the start button, and it starts counting your steps. Also, check out Home Workout Premium Apk.Download Step Tracker Pedometer Premium APK

Step Tracker Pedometer Premium APK Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

Whether your phone is in your hand, bag, pocket, or armband, it can auto-record your steps even if your screen is locked. The most accurate & simple step tracker auto tracks your daily steps, burned calories, walking distance, duration, pace, health data, etc., and displays them in intuitive graphs for easy checking. Step Tracker Pedometer MOD APK counts your daily steps with the built-in sensor, which significantly saves battery. It records actions accurately even when the screen is locked, whether your phone is in your hand, pocket, bag, or armband. In GPS tracking mode, the step counter tracks your fitness activity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories) and records your routes on the map with GPS in real time. But if you don’t choose GPS tracking, it will count steps with a built-in sensor to save battery. It is 100% Free & 100% Private No login is required. You can freely use all features without login in. Step Tracker Pedometer Premium APK Unlocked AppStep Tracker Pedometer premium Apk auto-records your steps. Pause, resume steps counting, and reset steps to count from 0 if you want. Once you pause it, the background data refreshing will stop. You will get your daily measures report on time. You can also check your real-time steps in the notification bar. Your walking data will be displayed in transparent graphs. You can quickly check your daily, weekly, and monthly walking statistics. Support for syncing data with Google Fit. Set daily steps goal. Continuously achieving your goal will keep you motivated. You can also set targets for your fitness activity (distance, calories, duration, etc.). Designed and developed by our Google Play Best of 2018 winning team, its clean, simple, and fashionable design brings an excellent user experience. More themes are coming soon. Select your favourite theme for the step tracker and enjoy step counting. The health tracker app records your health data (weight trends, sleep conditions, water intake details, diet, etc.) and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Step Tracker Pedometer Premium Feature Unlocked APK Stay active, lose weight and keep fit with an activity & health tracker. More features are coming soon, such as syncing data with Fitbit, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. So, the Step Tracker Pedometer helps track your daily steps, burned calories, and weight loss progress. Lose weight with a steps counter. This Step Tracker Pedometer steps counting app is straightforward to use. Please open it and start to walk; steps were depending app automatically records your steps. A simple pedometer step counter auto-tracks your steps. Walk with a pedometer step counter, keep fit and get in better shape. Need a pedometer for walking to track your steps? This walking app is your best choice. This walking distance tracker tracks your steps and calculates distance accurately. It’s a full-featured walking distance tracker. It is also suitable for your health. So, if you need this app? Then, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of Step Tracker Pedometer Premium APK Full Version:

  1. Power Saving Pedometer.
  2. Real-time Map Tracker.
  3. No locked features.
  4. Easy-to-Use Step Counter.
  5. Report Graph.
  6. Targets and Achievements.
  7. Fashion & Simple Design.
  8. Colourful Themes.
  9. Health Tracker App.
  10. Steps counter.
  11. Steps are counting app.
  12. Pedometer step counter.
  13. Walking app.
  14. Walking distance tracker.

Important Notes:

  • To ensure accurate step counting, provide the correct information you entered on the settings page.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity level of the step tracker for more accurate step counting.
  • Some devices may stop counting when the screen is locked due to their power-saving processing.
  • Devices with older versions can’t count steps with a locked screen. Steps tracker Want a steps tracker to track your daily actions? This proper steps tracker can help you.

How to Download and Install Step Tracker Pedometer App into android?

  1. First, go below and click on the download button.
  2. Now you will be shifted to the other website.
  3. You will see “Download From HERE,” So click on it.
  4. Now you will see that the downloading will be started.
  5. After downloading, please install Step Tracker Pedometer Pro apk into your Android and start the step counting with the help of the Mobile Pedometer app.

Step Tracker Pedometer App app download link

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