Reverse Engineering 2021 From Understanding Binary Code to Creating Keygen

Reverse Engineering Video Tutorial Course 2021 From Understanding Binary Code to Creating Keygen Videos. Reverse engineering is the art of understanding machine code and meddling with it. Reverseengineering is analyzing and deconstructing a thing to learn what it is made of and how it is constructed. Reverse engineering is commonly used to answer questions about software code or manufactured products, but it can be applied in various scenarios. Also, check out the Video Tutorial Course maker software.Download Reverse Engineering In Software Engineer

Reverse Engineering Video Course Free Download Screenshots:

Reverse engineering is deconstructing a thing to learn how it works, what it’s made of, and how it is assembled. Competitors often use reverse engineering to find product strengths they can adapt or weaknesses they can improve. Reverse engineering can also be used to find lost or unavailable information, such as when revising someone else’s work or tracking the work of a criminal. Reverseengineering is also useful for digitalizing physical models or prototypes into computer-aided design (CAD) files. Modern design software usually has reverse engineering functionality built-in to accomplish this. Reverse Engineering Stack NX Cloud Connected-Scan to Part comes as a cloud application and allows you to combine facets, surfaces, and solids in a single 3D model, without requiring data translation. The targeted features of NX Cloud Connected-Scan to Part enable you to focus on your Scan to CAD workflows. An expert reverse engineer can change a binary (compiled) or non-binary (interpreted) application in any way s/he wants, pretty much like s/he has access to the source code. This course teaches you to be an expert reverse engineer. On top of that, you will learn methods to increase your performance, and you will get to know the tools of the trade and master them. Reverse Engineering me Keygen Maker  Learn how to protect against reverseengineering and, more importantly, how to bypass all those protections. In this course, the instructor goes through reverse engineering step by step. Also, all the tools shown in the video are provided. I enjoy malware analysis. It starts from the basics of the previous chapter and is used in practice. It is a good course for people who want to enter this field. Compared to another reverse engineering course I took, this one is more informative and practical since it uses real malware samples for analysis. Overall I do recommend this course. Looking forward to the advanced course on this topic. If you are interested in Reverse Engineering, you need to download the full video course from the below link.

The Features of Reverse Engineering Main Videos Topics:

  1. Understand the Concepts and Techniques of Reverse Engineering
  2. Reverse Engineer Binaries
  3. Reverse Engineer Non-Binaries
  4. Pack and Protect Software
  5. Unpack Software and Remove DRM
  6. Elementary Malware Analysis
  7. Learn How to Use Reverse Engineering Tools


  • Computer Architecture
  • x86 Assembly
  • Computer Programming
  • Windows

Target Audience

  • DRM Developers
  • ers
  • Exploit Developers
  • Malware Analysts


Participants can trace, understand, and modify binary files to achieve the desired effect. On top of that, they can find possible security flaws in an application.

Reverse Engineering Curriculum:

  1. Introduction 5 items:
    1. Lecture 1 – CPU and RAM.
    2. Lecture 2 – Assembly Language.
    3. Lecture 3 – Operating System Internals.
    4. Lecture 4 – Portable Executable.
    5. Lecture 5 – Reversing Tools.
  2. Legal Software Protection Reversing 12 items:
    6. Lecture 1 – Chapter 2 – Digital Rights Management.
    7. Lecture 2 – IDA Pro.
    8. Lecture 3 – OllyDbg.
    9. Lecture 4 – Delphi.
    10. Lecture 5 – Attacking Password Protected Software.
    11. Lecture 6 – Serial Fishing.
    12. Lecture 7 – Keygen.
    13. Lecture 8 – Adding Features to Binaries.
    14. Lecture 9 – Serial Check Bypass.
    15. Lecture 10 – Integrity Checks.
    16. Lecture 11 – Multi-Threaded Applications.
    17. Lecture 12 – Child Processes.
  3. Reversing Protected Binaries 6 items:
    18. Lecture 1 – Chapter 3 – Protected Binaries.
    19. Lecture 2 – General Unpacking.
    20. Lecture 3 – Unpacking Packers and Overlay.
    21. Lecture 4 – API Redirection.
    22. Lecture 5 – Inline ing.
    23. Lecture 6 – Loaders.
  4. Reverse Engineering Non-Binary Files 5 items:
    24. Lecture 1 – Chapter 4 – Reversing Non-executables.
    25. Lecture 2 – PDF and SWF.
    26. Lecture 3 – Office Files.
    27. Lecture 4 – .NET Programs.
    28. Lecture 5 – Shellcode Analysis.
  5. Elementary Malware Analysis 10 items:
    29. Lecture 1 – Chapter 5 – Malware Analysis.
    30. Lecture 2 – Introduction.
    31. Lecture 3 – The Three-Step Method.
    32. Lecture 4 – Malware Analysis Tools.
    33. Lecture 5 – Step 1 – Online Tools.
    34. Lecture 6 – Step 1 – Online Tools (Demo).
    35. Lecture 7 – Step 2 – Static Analysis.
    36. Lecture 8 – Step 2 – Static Analysis (Demo).
    37. Lecture 9 – Step 3 – Dynamic Analysis.
    38. Lecture 10 – Step 3 – Dynamic Analysis (Demo).

Other Video Courses Are Given below that will be available on the Download page:

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  2. ReverseEngineering with Radare 2.
  3. Learn Ethical Hacking & ReverseEngineering.
  4. Udemy – Reverse Engineering Deep Dive.
  5. Udemy – Advanced Ransomware ReverseEngineering.
  6. Udemy – ReverseEngineering and Software Protection.
  7. Udemy – Reverse Engineering .NET with dnSpy.
  8. Infosec – Introduction to ReverseEngineering.
  9. PluralSight – Getting Started with Reverse Engineering.
  10. ReverseEngineering Linux 32-bit Applications [FCO].
  11. Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development

How to download and Watch Video tutorial Courses?

  1. First, click on the link below and go to the download page.
  2. You can easily download the ReverseEngineering Video Tutorial Course on the download page.

reverse engineering in software engineering tutorial

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