PreviewCode For Mac v1.2.5 Best Easy Source Code File Previews App For MacOS X

PreviewCode For Mac v1.2.5 Best Easy Source Code File Previews App For MacOS X. Hi Friends, Today I Am Going To Share the Best Easy Source Code File Previews App For MacOS X. Easy source code Quick Look previews and icon thumbnails. Also, Check Out GrandTotal For Mac.PreviewCode For MacPreviewCode provides QuickLook file previews and Finder file icon thumbnails for source code documents and data files for various programming languages. The app provides two extensions.

Code Previewer and Code Thumbnailer can be viewed and managed in macOS’ System Preferences > Extensions. The app itself is a container for these extensions. You must run the app first to gain these benefits.

The Features Of PreviewCode For Mac:

  1. Lightweight & easy to use.
  2. Easy source code QuickLook previews.
  3. QuickLook previews with icon thumbnails.
  4. MacOS 10.15 or later.
  5. Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor.
  6. ActionScript.
  7. Ada.
  8. AppleScript.
  9. Arduino.
  10. Basic.
  11. Brainfuck.
  12. C.
  13. C++.
  14. C#.
  15. Clojure.
  16. CoffeeScript.
  17. Dart.
  18. Elixir.
  19. Erlang.
  20. Fortran.
  21. F#.
  22. Go.
  23. Haskell.
  24. Java.
  25. jаvascript.
  26. Julia.
  27. Kotlin.
  28. Lisp.
  29. Lua.
  30. Objective-C.
  31. Pascal.
  32. Perl.
  33. PHP.
  34. Python.
  35. Ruby.
  36. Rust.
  37. Swift.
  38. TypeScript.
  39. Visual Basic ScriptBash.
  40. C Shell.
  41. Korn Shell.
  42. TCSH.
  43. Z ShellARM Assembler.
  44. x86-64 AssemblerCSS.
  45. LaTex.
  46. Protobuf.
  47. SASS/SCSS.
  48. SQL script.
  49. Twig.
  50. Terraform source and vars files.
  51. .cmake files.
  52. .env files.
  53. Config files.
  54. asciidoc.

How to Download and Install PreviewCode into Mac OS?

  1. First, follow the link below and download the PreviewCode For Mac.
  2. Now double click on setup and install setup into MacOS.
  3. After installation is completed, your software is ready for use.

PreviewCode For Mac Free Download

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