PC Equalizer For Windows Free Download v1.3.2.1 Volume Booster and Equalizer Software

PC Equalizer For Windows Free Download v1.3.2.1 Volume Booster and Equalizer Free Download is a System-wide pro audio app For Windows Free Download. Hy friends, today I am going to share with you Best Audio App For Windows Free Download users. This simple app for your Windows will allow you to maximize its built-in audio using various equalizer tools. PC Equalizer app allows any video, music, or calls you to use your system to sound louder and more evident, providing that you set the levels correctly. If your system audio is low, You need to download the PC Equalizer App For Windows Free Download. When you will download and Installed PC Equalizer into your system and starts the app, then, after starting the boosting audio the moment, you launch it. Sitting in your Windows Menu Bar, the program provides you with some options to improve all of your system’s sound, which is particularly useful if you are relying on built-in speakers. Also, Check out similar software such as Equalizer APO For windows.Pc Equalizer For Windows Free Download

PC Equalizer For Windows Free Download Free Full Version Download Screenshots:

Its most obvious function is boosting your system’s volume. Alongside the usual Volume Controller app, you can also find the PC Equalizer on the app store. After installation, you need to click on this to provide an additional volume slider, increasing levels above their usual limits. Windows Equalizer: The latest version is a system volume booster and equalizer app, especially For Windows Free Download 12. It comes with a smart interface, self-calibrates itself according to your Windows, offers hands-on advanced equalizer controls for more exceptional audio control, and amazing audio effects for enhanced audio output. You get a personalized acoustic experience on your Windows so that your PC Equalizer sounds like you. In addition to this pure volume boost, Windows Equalizer provides a range of Equalizer and Effect options. The Equalizer comes with default profiles to suit several playback possibilities. Thus, if you are listening to podcasts, watching a movie, or mixing dubstep, there is a setting for you. You can also alter these profiles and save any changes using the mixer. PC Equalizer is a great app to improve audio playback through your system’s built-in speakers.Pc Equalizer Full Version But, before you purchase the full app, use its seven-day trial to see if you are ready to monitor its options to ensure consistently excellent results. Every Windows is personal and contains its owner’s personality all over it. PC Equalizer customizes the sound output according to your Windows. It tailors the audio so that it sounds brilliant, just like you. Windows Equalizer takes it up by giving you custom audio for every beat or bar you hear. With a range of equalizer presets, the choice between 10-band and advanced equalizers, and additional Frequency Constrain controls, you can go all out! PC Equalizer offers a range of options for you to play around to make your Windows audio sound brilliant. You can change any band or use the powerful Frequency Constrain feature to tweak every last bit of the audio. Ambiance Be alive and feel the music around you with Ambience. Hear notes from every angle and corner, making it a live performance like no other. Fidelity Be here, there, and everywhere with Fidelity.Pc Equalizer For Windows Free Download Download Listen to crisp and sharp tones while being surprised at how clear your Windows sounds! PC Equalizer takes a measured approach to intelligently make everything coming out of your Windows speakers to sound louder, more transparent, and better. You get to enjoy Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, and any other service like never before with PC Equalizer For Windows Free Download, making them come alive! PC Equalizer allows you to choose from presets like Bass Boost, Acoustic, Pop, Treble, etc., or create your own. With just a click, these effects deliver an acoustic experience akin to being there when playing. PC Equalizer can make media files sound much louder and more transparent for consumption elsewhere. It allows you to boost the volume & experience Boomin’ audio on other devices like Mobiles, MP3 Players, iTunes Sync, and much more. It also intelligently recommends an optimal level to boost it up to! If you need this app, don’t forget to visit the link below and download it.

The Features of PC Equalizer System-wide pro audio app For Windows Free Download:

  1. Auto-Calibrates itself according to the type of Windows.
  2. Runs exclusively on Yosemite, along with 64-bit compatibility.
  3. Powerfully boosts volume on a system-wide level.
  4. Fine-tunes any audio with advanced and precise equalizer controls.
  5. Enhances the quality of audio output with cool one-click sound effects.
  6. Intelligently boosts the volume of file audio.
  7. Custom Audio Settings for A Personalized Experience.
  8. Powerful System-Wide Volume Boosting.
  9. Precise & Advanced Equalizer Controls.
  10. Presets and Custom Equalizers.
  11. Finer Equalizer Control.
  12. Enhanced Audio Quality with Cool One-Click Audio Effects.
  13. Intelligent File Audio Boosting.
  14. PC Equalizer Loud and Clear System-Wide Audio Boost.
  15. PC Equalizer Unique Personalised Audio For Your Windows.
  16. PC Equalizer The Root of all Good Audio.
  17. PC Equalizer Amazing Cool Audio Effects for Enhanced Audio.
  18. PC Equalizer Convenient Companion iOs Remote Control App.
  19. PC Equalizer Rich and Alive Preset And Advanced Equalisers.

How to Download and Install PC Equalizer into Windows OS?

  1. First of all, follow the below link and download this app.
  2. After downloading, please install the setup into your Windows.
  3. After installation, your app is ready for use.
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