Duplicate File Finder Professional For Windows Free Download v2021.03 Best Find and delete duplicate files Software

Duplicate File Finder Professional For Windows Free Download v03 Best Find and delete duplicate files Software. Duplicate File Finder Professional is an interesting program that offers you to select any folder on your hard drive or use standard custom folders, after which this software will analyze the contents of the selected folder as fully as possible for duplicate files. Once launched, you need to select the folder you want to analyze. You can scan the default folders on your computer located on the Desktop, Documents, Videos, Pictures, and Music, or choose any other folder. After the analysis, you can group the results according to file size, which helps you focus on the largest ones first to free up space faster. Nobody bothers you to get acquainted with the details related to the files that you plan to erase, such as creation date and size, or you can open each file with a viewer. Also, check out Easy Duplicate Finder For Windows Free Download. Duplicate File Finder Professional Best Find And Delete Duplicate Files Software

Duplicate File Finder Pro Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

Please note that Duplicate File Finder is different in that it compares items based on their MD5 hash, not by name. This is why you can always be sure that you can safely delete one of the duplicates. Alternatively, you can copy MD5 to the clipboard with a single click on the hash of the selected item. .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5 is required for normal operation. It helps you find and remove duplicate files. Duplicate File Finder Pro v4.4.0.207 keeps your computer free of unnecessary files by finding and deleting duplicate files of your choice on your hard drives. Duplicate File Finder Pro allows you to add filters for each path you want to scan. You can, for example, set it to only find *.mp3 files in C:\My music\ or files called backup.zip in D:\.Duplicate File Finder Find And Delete Duplicate Files Software There are options for filtering files based on size, attribute, and name, and you can set the program to scan all of the subdirectories of the paths you add. You can also exclude files and directories of your choice and scan for multiple file types. When the first initial scan is done, the program lets you combine up to three different algorithms for comparing the files as quickly as possible with up to 100% accuracy. This means that you can be certain that files found by Duplicate File Finder Pro are exact duplicates. After comparing the files, all of the duplicates are automatically selected. But if you have specific needs regarding what files you wish to process, then you can use the Select files function to select files in the list based on size, filename, and path.Duplicate File Finder Professional Software This gives you great control over what files to delete or move. The last step is to select whatever to delete or move the selected files. You can move them to the recycle bin (in that way, you can restore them if you change your mind) or you may permanently delete them or move them to a directory of your choice (for manual processing). Once the scan is done and duplicate files have been found, you can export a detailed report of the files. That report can be saved in both HTML and TXT format. Now, what more could you possibly need than these useful functions? Duplicate File Finder Pro is a unique, professional solution that both novices and experts can use. Simply start the program, and the Quick Start Wizard guides you on your way to finding those annoying duplicate files, wherever on the hard drive they may be hiding. So give it a go. It’s free to try!

The Features of Duplicate File Finder Professional 2020 Full Version:

  1. Finds all your duplicate files
  2. Permanently delete the files or move them to the recycle bin
  3. Move the duplicate files to a directory of your choice
  4. Fast and 100% accurate comparison
  5. Select files for processing based on size, path, name, and attribute
  6. Skip directories, extensions, names, and types of your choice
  7. Filter the scan to include specific file types (MP3, ZIP, AVI).
  8. Add several different paths to scan with individual settings
  9. Export reports in TXT or HTML format
  10. Easily get started with the QuickStart Wizard
  11. Highly stable and powerful
  12. Real-time progress
  13. Clean and simple interface
  14. Advanced settings for the professional user
  15. And more…

How to download and Install Duplicate File Finder into Windows?

  1. First of all, click on the below download button.
  2. Now you will be shifted to the download page.
  3. On the download page, you can download the Duplicate File Finder from the download page.
  4. After downloading, you must install the Duplicate File Finder into your Windows.
  5. After installation, your Duplicate File Finder software is ready for use.

Duplicate File Finder Professional

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