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Muslim Pro Premium Apk 13.1.2 Best Prayer Times, Azan Time, Quran & Qibla Direction App For android. Hi friends, I am sharing today’s most straightforward app for Muslim brothers. So, today you’ll be ready to download the Muslim pro app for your android free of charge from my website. So, before downloading, I even have some questions about this type of app. What you’ll search for and the way you’ll download this app. Usually, people use these queries to download the Muslim pro app. They will search for Best Prayer time apk or app for android, Azan Time with azan voice app apk, Quran app for android, Qibla Direction app for android, etc. So, you’ll use the above search term and download this app from the below link. Muslim Pro, Azan, Quran, and Qibla are the definitive app for each adherent of Islam. Also, check out alternative apps such as Muslim Pocket Apk.Muslim Pro Apk

Muslim Premium app apk Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

It contains half a dozen features that range from a prayer calendar to the Koran, including a compass that consistently indicates the direction of Mecca. The foremost helpful gizmo in Muslim Pro, Azan, Quran, and Qibla could be the prayer notification tool that shows you the precise time you would like to perform each of the five daily prayers. This function, also because of the compass mentioned above, makes it worthwhile to put in the app. Of course, Muslim Pro, Azan, Quran, and Qibla also include a version of the Koran that you can consult whenever you want to, and it comes with MP3s of prayers that you can merely hear in several languages.Muslim Premium app Prayer Time App

Additional exciting features include the power to look for nearby halal restaurants or mosques or review Allah’s 99 names and, therefore, the prophet Mohamed. Muslim Pro, Azan, Quran, and Qibla is the perfect app for followers of Islam, who will have tons of features available to them once they need this app installed on their Android device. Alhamdulillah, The Muslim Pro app is usually reliable and accurate. It’s a beautiful reminder to read the Qur’an and have inspiration. Also, there are many ways to attach to the community, and now, with the virtual Hajj journey, it’s a blessing. It also helps me be on time and have the Adhan play for the obligatory prayers. Signing up for a lifetime membership may be a sure way to connect. Most Versatile Islamic app amongst all I used previously.Muslim Apk For Android Even the free version is So Complete that it almost seems like the developer intends to urge it to people’s hands for free!! No Bugs/errors have occurred thus far. Many thanks for giving the planet this beautiful piece of effort that serves Islam. May Allah bless you with the proper reward Jazak Allah. Mashallah is a tremendous app. I prefer the app’s performance except when it gets an update and you do not update it, but overall it’s suitable for reading Quran and praying your prayers on time. It’s duas for various occasions like after salat or helpful stuff like how the qibla is to form dua. So, the only popular Muslim app. Recognized by quite 70 million Muslims around the world because the most accurate prayer time & azan application, Muslim Pro also features the complete Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations, and audio recitations also as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of halal restaurants and Mosques, etc.

The Feature of Muslim Premium App For Android,

  1. Accurate prayer times are based on location with multiple settings (angles).
  2. Azan, visual and audio notifications for the calls for prayer with many muezzin voices to choose from.
  3. Fasting times (Imsak and Iftar) during Ramadan.
  4. The Holy Quran (Al Qur’an) with audio recitations (mp3), phonetics, and translations.
  5. Colored Tajweed to help you improve your pronunciation when reading the Quran.
  6. Community, Join the community and pray for each other, “Tasbih,” to count your dhikr.
  7. Halal restaurants and mosques locations around you.
  8. Animated Qibla compass and map to show you the direction to Mecca.
  9. Complete the Muslim Hijri calendar to estimate holy dates such as Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha.
  10. 99 names of Allah.
  11. Beautiful Islamic greeting cards (Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem, etc…).
  12. Hasn’t Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim) a collection of doas and supplications).
  13. App and Quran fully translated to Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Türkçe, العربية, اردو, русский, 简体中文, 日本語, ภาษาไทย.
  14. Easy to use, and the Muslim pro apk app supports almost all kinds of Android devices.

How to download and Install Muslim Pro on Android?

  1. First, click the download button below and shift to the download page.
  2. You can easily download it via the play store via a direct link on the download page.
  3. Play storee, you can download it for free only for free, not a premium feature.
  4. On the direct link, you can download the Premium Muslim pro app mod version features that are unlocked.
  5. So, download, install, and don’t forget to remember me in your prayer.
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