Kurupira Web Filter For Windows Free Download v1.3.7 Blocking Sites Easily With Your Smart Web Filter Software

Kurupira Web Filter For Windows Free Download v1.3.7 Blocking Sites Easily With Your Smart Web Filter Software For Windows Free Download. Kurupira Web Filter For Windows Free Download is the best software for you. That will help you monitor web searching and browsing activity on client systems and block websites and downloads based on safety ratings and content. Kurupira Web Filter is a free web filtering software For Windows Free Download. It is an advanced web filtering software that uses artificial intelligence to block all inappropriate websites. However, you can manually block websites by adding URL Links of unwanted websites to the Block List. Also, check out Kurupira Endpoint Security For Windows Free Download.Download Kurupira Web Filter Full Version

Kurupira Web Filter For Mac Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

If this web filter software blocks any website you don’t want to block, you can add its link to the Allowed Website List to prevent it from being blocked in the future. This software cannot only filter websites, but it can also track users’ web activities and inform you about users who try to visit any blocked or inappropriate website through Email. It also maintains a complete web usage report in which you can view all websites a user visits and how much time a user spends on different websites. Besides this, it can also filter or block Instant Messaging Apps (Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Gtalk, etc.) and Social Networking Websites (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.). This freeware also provides a dedicated Applications section to block specific system programs.  By default, all applications with forbidden words are automatically blocked by this software.Kurupira Web Filter Full Version For Windows Free Download Software Like web filtering, you can manually add the names of specific applications you want to block. You can also enable the Screen Capture feature to take snapshots of the computer screen from its Applications section. Plus, the Application Usage Report along with Usage History is also available. Overall, it is one of the best web filter software that you can use for free.  Kurupira Web Filter is a browser-protection solution that monitors web searching and browsing activity on client computers. It protects against threats on web pages and file downloads. A Kurupira team analyzes each website and assigns a colour-coded safety rating based on test results. The colour indicates the level of safety for the site.  Kurupira Web Filter Web Control uses the test results to identify web-based threats. Software installed on the client system adds features in the browser window and search results to notify users. Kurupira Web Filter Full Version Free DownloadYou use Kurupira Web Filter ePO. You use Kurupira EPO Kurupira ePolicy Orchestrator (Kurupira ePO ) to deploy and manage Endpoint Security modules on client systems. Each module includes an extension and a software package installed on the Kurupira Web Filter. Kurupira EPO then deploys the software to client systems. Using Kurupira Agent, the client software communicates with Kurupira ePO for policy configuration and enforcement, product updates, and reporting. So, to deploy and manage Web Control to client systems. Settings control access to sites based on their safety rating, content type, and URL or domain name. So, if you need this software For Windows Free Download, follow the link below and download it. And good news for you. This software is the latest version only For Windows Free Download users. So, if you want to protect your mac os from a web attack, you need to download this software from the below link, install and start protecting your System.

The Feature of Kurupira Web Filter EPO Latest Version:

  1. Protect: Protect your systems from malicious websites and downloads using these Web Control features:
  2. Block and Allow List: Prevent users from visiting specific URLs or domains or always allow access to important sites for your business.
  3. Rating Actions and Web Category Blocking: Use Kurupira’s safety ratings and web categories to control user access to sites, pages, and downloads.
  4. Secure Search: Automatically block risky sites from appearing in search results based on their safety ratings.
  5. Self-protection Prevents users from disabling the Web Control plug-in or uninstalling or changing Web Control files, registry keys, registry values, services, and processes.
  6. Detect: Detect malicious websites using these Web Control features:
  7. Web Control button in the browser window: The Web Control plug-in displays a button indicating the safety rating for the site. Click the button for more information about the site.
  8. Web Control icon on search results pages: An icon appears next to each listed site.
  9. The icon’s colour indicates the site’s safety rating. Hover over the icon for more information about the site.
  10. Site reports: Details show how the safety rating was calculated based on types of threats detected, test results, and other data.
  11. Dashboards and monitors: Display statistics about Web Control activity, including visits and downloads from sites by rating, content type, and blocked or allowed list.
  12. Queries and reports: Retrieve detailed information about Web Control browser events, and save it in reports.
  13. Correct: Monitor and tune Web Control behaviour using these features:
  14. Interlock with other Kurupira products: Disable Web Control automatically if it detects a web gateway appliance or Kurupira Client Proxy is installed and in redirection mode.
    File scanning for ȴOH downloads: Web Control sends files to Threat Prevention for scanning.
  15. If it detects a threat, Threat Prevention responds with the configured action to clean and alert the user.
  16. Dashboards and monitors: Monitor activity to understand browsing activity, then use that information to tune Web Control settings.
  17. Exclusions prevent Web Control from rating or blocking specific IP addresses.

How to Download and Install Kurupira Web Filter EPO into Windows?

  1. First, Click on the below red Download button and shift to the download Page.
  2. On Download Page, you will have Download links and other Instructions.
  3. Please follow the steps by step guidelines and Install your Software into your Windows.
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  5. That’s It. Now enjoy.

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