Klokki Pro Mac v1.3.7 Automatic Time-Tracking for Freelancers (Mac)

Klokki Pro Mac v1.3.7 Automatic Time-Tracking for Freelancers (Mac) Free Download. Klokki Slim app free download will help you to deliver a powerful and beautiful way of time-tracking directly from the Menu Bar. Focus on your work and enjoy efficiently tracking your time on projects. Track your revenue by defining an hourly rate on folders and tasks. Manage your billable sessions by marking them as billed or paid from the reports window. Quickly get back to and change the status of billed-out sessions from the convenient session inbox. Link your favourite services and keep your time in sync. Jira is ready to be synced with, and more services will be added over time. The most powerful and flexible reports will allow you to access previously tracked time and filter it by date ranges or projects. Monitor how you worked within a week by checking the chart view or selecting multiple time sessions and instantly see a summary. Also, download Simple Project Time Management Mac App.Klokki Pro Mac Patched Full Version Free Download The timer gets out of your way and always stays just a click away in the menubar. This way, you can also have a glance to check how much time you have already spent and not lose focus. Klokki Slim works everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in an office or an airplane. You will never lose a second just because there is no internet connection. The folders and tasks structure provides a flexible way of organizing your projects. Choose from a set of colours to better fit the identity of your projects. Completed a project or task archive it without losing the time or the ability to get back to it. Don’t worry about forgetting to pause the timer. Klokki Slim will notice if you are away and ask what it should do. You can adjust the absence period to fit your workflow better. Keyboard shortcuts will improve your workflow and help you to be even faster. Klokki Slim allows you to set up shortcuts and have complete control even without a mouse. Klokki Slim is, by default, entirely private and doesn’t send away any of your information.

All your data belongs to you. As we know, Tracking time is important to understand how to plan better, hold yourself accountable for spending time on projects you care about, and set boundaries on other lesser priorities. This app makes it dead simple to clock in (punch in) for any number of your areas of focus. Focus is something this app does better than Pomodoro timers because it keeps you accountable in the moment and over the long term. Thank you very much for making this app. It’s a critical part of my workflow. I wish you had this for Windows so my other staff could use it. I rave to everyone about this app and its easy use. My suggestion would be to have the option to see the hours in decimal format or hours: minutes without having to export the data to see the decimal! Otherwise, I have zero complaints and will continue to use this app day after day. I love this app because it tracks the time and creates a daily report based on time spent and on which project. Straightforward and very easy to use, I’m sure it will make my boss happy to have accurate time calculated, so if you need this app for Mac, download it.

The Features of Klokki Pro Mac Crack Full Version:

Everything you are looking for in a time-tracking app…

  1. Auto-Tracking: Automatically track time by creating rules that trigger the timer based on your work.
  2. Billable Hours: Keep track of your earnings by defining the hourly rate on billable tasks and projects.
  3. Powerful Reports: Get an overview of all your sessions and any time frames. View it as a chart or a list.
  4. Jira Integrations: Keep your tasks and time in sync with Jira Cloud and Jira Server account.
  5. Smart Idling: Klokki will notice your absence from the Mac and provide options for when you return.
  6. Shortcuts: The app is built with keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to set up your own.
  7. Menu Bar Timer: Quickly access the timer from the menu bar at any moment and keep track of your time at a glance.
  8. Native to Mac: We love the Mac, making Klokki true to macOS. So you already know how to use it.
  9. Private by Design: All your data belongs to you and will always stay on your machine. We will never have access to it.

How to Download and Install Klokki Pro App into MacOS:

  1.    First, follow the download button below and shift to the downloading page.
  2.   On the downloading page, you can download Klokki for Mac.
  3.    I have shared two types of links, such as for Mac and Windows.
  4.    So, please choose one of them as you need and download it.
  5.    After downloading, please install Klokki Mac into your system.
  6.    If you like Klokki software, guys, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Klokki For Mac

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