JAF Flashing Tool Box For Windows Free Download v1.98.68 Setup And Drivers For Windows Free Download

JAF Flashing Jef Nokia Mobile Flashing Tools For Windows Free Download v1.98.68 Free Download Latest Version. The JAF box tool performs flashing of Nokia phones. Flashing of Nokia phones was expensive in the back day due to limited Nokia flashing tools and limited for specific Nokia models. Jaf box is compatible with Nokia DCT3, DCT4, DCT4/WD2, and DCTL Models. Need similar? Then, Download Nokia Firmware Editor.Download JAF Flashing Tool Box software

JAF Flashing Tool Box Activated Free Download Latest Version Screenshots:

Now Jaf Box has launched to deal with all Nokia phone’s problems. Jaf Box is like a one-person Army for erasing and updating the firmware of Nokia phones after Phoenix. Jaf box tool is being used mostly with CFW (cooked Firmware). JAF flashing tool is another popular method after phoenix to flash Nokia Phones. Also, check out Samsung SuperTool 2020 Full Version.JAF Flashing Tool Box Software Free DownloadMany people do not know how to use JAF Flashing, so we will guide you on how to flash your phone using the JAF method. Following how to use the JAF method to flash Nokia devices, you need to download firmware compatible with your phone. Download Firmware for your Phone from the internet. Also, check out MobileEX Setup Free Download Latest Version.JAF Flashing Tool Box Full Version Free DownloadTo download the firmware for your phone, you can use the Nokia Firmware Editor utility. You can download JAF Flashing from here after downloading extract the files. You will get several files, in which you have to open NokiaFirmwareEditorStd.exe. So, it is Just Another Flasher (J.A.F) v.1.98.66 (64-bit) – service utilities for flashing, unlocking, tuning and testing Nokia phones. The main features are given below.

The Features of JAF Flashing Jaf Box tool 2018 Latest Version:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Compatible with all windows.
  3. Lighter than another flashing tool.
  4. Read/write flash.
  5. Updating Software/firmware
  6. Cleaning the bugs like (Bluetooth error, No service, Contact Service, and Illegal software loaded).
  7. Change the Language.
  8. Repair Software.
  9. Re-construct / Repair IMEI.
  10. Resetting user security lock.
  11. Flash Bluetooth.
  12. Save User Settings and phonebook.
  13. Full UI Defaults.
  14. UI Factory Defaults.
  15. Full Factory Defaults.
  16. Software Upgrade Defaults.

How to Download and install Jaf box into Windows:

  1. First, you need to download JAF Flashing tools From the link below.
  2. After downloading jaf box setup, you need to unzip it with WinRAR.
  3. Now install the setup into Windows and run it.
  4. When the JaF box tool has launched, you will see a screen like this, then click on the BB5 button.
  5. Select “Manual Flash, “Dead USB” under the flash settings, and then “use INI. “
  6. Selecting “Use INI “will automatically open a list of Phone Models. Select your Phone from the list and click on the “OK” button.
  7. Green Light will appear under Flash Settings (MCU, PMM, and CNT). This means J.A.F is ready to flash your phone. Now, Click on the “Flash” button to begin flashing.
  8. Ignore this “Downgrading will kill the Phone” click on the “YES” button to continue flashing.
  9. “Press Power on now“will appear. You have to switch on your phone immediately. After ON the mobile phone, J.A.F will detect your p. You will then see “Searching for phone…found” message in the status of J.A.F. Flashing will be continued.
  10. Jaf box tool will flash mobile in minutes but be careful not to disconnect the phone during updating. After completing, the Jaf box will show “DONE” in status.
  11. When your mobile restarted automatically, then disconnect the mobile from the computer. It will be in local mode and new firmware like the first time powering UP.
  12. Enjoy.

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