IconJar For Mac v2.11.2 Best Icon Management App For MacOS X

IconJar For Mac v 2.11.2 Best Icon Management App For MacOS X. Hi Friends Today I Am Going To Share Best Icon Management App For MacOS X. Designed to make the life of app developers and designers a little bit easier, IconJar For Mac is a lightweight and user-friendly icon organizer for your Mac. In a few words, IconJar For Mac makes it as easy as possible for you to store large collections of icons under one roof and organize them efficiently, so they will always be within arm’s reach when you need them.Also Check Out Tagr For Mac.Official Website To Download IconJar For MacEverything feels natural and looks top notch thanks to a responsive and native macOS interface, with a Set panel on the left side, a tag panel on the right side, and a search bar on the upper right part of the main window. Also noteworthy is the fact that IconJar For Mac enables you to customize the size of your icons and to view only Bitmap or only Vector types. The IconJar app enables you to create sets of icons or add icons to already existing sets, and to import sets of icons SVG, PNG, and GIF formats. Not only this but the app can also help you organize your icons with the help of its tagging system. Use IconJar alongside your design tool, code editor, word processor or presentation software and streamline your workflows. For example: Google Apps, Figma/Sketch and Visual Studio Code.

Save time by using one of our built-in presets for Android, iOS, macOS or create custom presets that suit your needs. Use our SVG optimizer to make icons production-ready. We have plenty of settings for this too. Smart sets are great for bundling your favourite icons or icons that share similar characteristics. Create the Smart Sets you want, and IconJar For Mac will do the hard work. IconJar For Mac automatically adds the icons you’ve used to a recently used set in the left sidebar. You can now star the icons you like the most. Starred icons are all grouped in one set, so you don’t have to search when you need them.

The Features Of  IconJar For Mac:

  1. Full compatability with macOS 10.15 Catalina
  2. Our color picker now includes an eye-dropper tool
  3. UI changes througout the whole app
  4. You can now also change the color of gradients
  5. You can now have IconJar For Mac search for, and clean up, duplicate icons
  6. You can now filter your icon set list by keyword
  7. We now link out to licenses from the inspector when a url for the license is provided
  8. We now allow users to opt-in for beta releases
  9. Trigger search with a keystroke with “always active search”
  10. We have implemented basic Touchbar support for the grid
  11. You can now sort the grid
  12. You can choose to have the grid grouped by set or not
  13. You can now drag icons and IconJar For Mac files directly into the set list for inplace adding
  14. You can now drag out sets from the list and instantly create IconJar For Mac files
  15. We have added SVG export options to the preferences to customize SVG processing
  16. You can now improve icon constrast when using Aqua instead of just in Dark mode
  17. If moving a library when IconJar For Mac is not open, we keep track of it and wont need to refind it again
  18. Managing licenses has now been given its own window instead of inside Preferences
  19. Quicklook has been simplified and is detachable, this also respects the grid dark mode
  20. Grid can now display up to 256pt sizes
  21. Updated IJSVG to fix a lot of rendering issues with gradients
  22. You can now right click and copy, or copy code from Quickdrag
  23. The grid size controls now overlay the grid but are unobtrusive
  24. We have ramped up performance throughout the application

How to download and Install IconJar For Mac into Mac OS?

  1. First, click on the download button below and shift to the download page.
  2. On the download page, you can easily download the software.
  3. After downloading, please install the setup into your Mac OS.
  4. After Installation, your app will be ready for use.

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