iBoysoft File Protector For Windows Free Download v2.1 Best file Protector & Folder Locker Software

iBoysoft File Protector For Windows Free Download v2.1 Best file protector & folder locker software Latest Version Free download. It safeguards privacy by preventing others from viewing, altering, or deleting data without permission and protects significant files/folders from virus attacks. iBoysoft File Protector protects privacy information and secures sensitive data from leaks, theft, loss, or virus attack. We can prevent others from accessing, altering, or deleting private files/folders without permission. A virus attack has attacked even our computer, and the files will still keep safe. Install it on the computer (Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016), and the protection and privacy of our data are no longer a problem. One highlight of iBoysoft File Protector is that it allows a specific application to access data under protection. Need Similar software? Then, check out Folder + USB Locker Free Download.Download iBoysoft File Protector For Windows Free Download

iBoysoft File Protector Software Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

For necessary forms, the protected files can be accessed as ordinary files without removing protection. iBoysoft File Protector safeguards privacy by preventing other people from viewing, altering, or deleting data without permission and also protects important files/folders from virus attacks. Protect files and folders from unauthorized access by locking them with a password. Thanks to this intuitive software application, iBoysoft File Protector¬†is a Windows application that can prevent unauthorized users from accessing private files and folders by locking them with a password. It also has a feature for managing app permissions, which is ideal for those interested in controlling every security aspect.iBoysoft File Protector Crack Lock files and folders with passwords. After a speedy setup operation that requires no special attention, the tool asks you to enter the default master password (123456). It’s necessary to do this every time you start the program; it can be changed into anything else. As far as the interface is concerned, iBoysoft File Protector adopts a clean look with well-organized options, making it easy to navigate. Any file can be protected, regardless of its format. If you want a batch mode to lock multiple files simultaneously with minimal effort, you should use the folder option instead of adding one file at a time. Manage reading, writing, and deletion access. Three protection methods can be controlled, whether you want to allow or deny read, write and delete access. Also. Check out Hide Folders Free Download. iBoysoft File Protector With keys For Windows Free Download Plus, you can create a list of approved applications, provided they are currently running on your computer. Besides changing the master password, you can configure the default file protection options and integrate iBoysoft File Protector into the Windows Explorer context menu to swiftly password-protect files and folders and disable its overlay icon. Fast and intuitive file protector. The application has straightforward functionality and gets the job done. It quickly locked files in our tests while remaining light on system resource consumption. Considering everything, iBoysoft File Protector can be handled by any user interested in securing files and folders when sharing their computers with someone else. It is intuitive and requires little configuration.

The Feature of File Protector Software For Windows Free Download 2023:

  1. One password to protect/lock files/folder: Only one password to protect/lock files/folder so that no other person except the owner can open the files.
  2. Three protection methods: Data can be protected in 3 modes: Deny delete access, Deny read access and Deny write access. Choose any of them according to your actual needs.
  3. Protect files/folders from virus/ransomware: Even if your computer is infected by a virus, ransomware, or malicious attack, your data will remain safe.
  4. Allow the specific application to access files under protection: For convenience and data security, iBoysoft File Protector can allow a particular application to access a protected file/folder.

How to download and Install File Protector Software into Windows?

  1. First, download File Protector Software + Folder Lock from the link below.
  2. After downloading is complete, please install it into Windows.
  3. Now your software is ready for use.

Here is the license key of the iBoysoft File Protector 1-year license: 7B9054087B9154707B91541CE8592EC9

iBoysoft File Protector Software Free Download

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