Export for iTunes For Mac v3.3 Best Playlists and Albums Exporter App For MacOS X

Export for iTunes For Mac v3.3 Best Playlists and Albums Exporter App For MacOS X. Hi Friends, Today I Am Going To Share Best Playlists and Albums Exporter App For MacOS X. Export for iTunes lets you export your playlists and albums to any local folder, external storage, SD card, or USB drive. With Export for iTunes, you can quickly transfer your playlists to your car stereo or any other media player. Also, Check Out Submerge For Mac.Download Export for iTunes Mac Convert aac/m4a files to mp3 for best compatibility with most sound systems. The app converts, copies, and organizes your playlists’ and albums’ music files into folders and creates the .m3u file that lets you play your playlist on any media player. For every album, you can include an image file with album artwork.  You can browse and select which of your playlists or albums you want to export. See all playlist/album tracks with their metadata without opening the iTunes app.

You can also export the track list from any album or playlist to Excel to create a file with info about all your iTunes music. This iTunes export app lets you preview and export metadata like Title, Artist, Time, Album, Genre, File path, Kind, and Bitrate. The App does not modify your iTunes library. So, I hope you will like it. So, if you need to Export iTunes For Mac, follow the below-given download button link.

The Feature Of Export for iTunes For Mac:

  1. Easy to use: Select the playlists or albums you want to export and press the export button. The App will convert, Export, organize files and create the m3u playlist for you.
  2. Audio Converter: Choose if you want to convert your music files to mp3 or aac for the best compatibility with most media players. Convert from any kind* of audio file type (MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WAV).
  3. M3U playlist file: Choose if you want to create an m3u playlist file for every playlist. M3u file will help you play your playlists to any compatible player or even import your playlist to another iTunes library.
  4. Choose audio file names: Select from predefined name formats or create your custom format using the name format editor.
  5. Organize exported files: The App will organize exported audio files in folders. You can organize exported files by artist, album, or playlist.
  6. Choose the playlist order.
  7. You can keep the original playlist or order songs by year, artist, or even shuffle order.
  8. Export your favorite podcasts
  9. Choose your favorite podcast, shows, and episodes to Export.
  10. Clean hidden files
  11. The App can clean your external drive from hidden OS X files that can cause compatibility problems with some media players or other operating systems.
  12. Export song metadata: The App can create CSV or Excel files with song metadata.
  13. Mac|Life REVIEW: If you regularly need to copy music from iTunes or Music, it’s an excellent way to do it.
  14. Great for exporting to a USB stick for the car.
  15. App store review, United Kingdom
  16. Amazing time saver
  17. App store review, United States
  18. I love this App. It does exactly what it claims BRILLIANTLY.
  19. App store review, Australia
  20. Very easy to use and understand.
  21. App store review, United States
  22. The missing iTunes Export Tool.. at last!
  23. App store review, United States
  24. The App does not modify your iTunes library.

How to download and Install Export for iTunes into macOS?

  1. First, click the download button and shift to the Export for iTunes For Mac download page.
  2. You can easily download Export for iTunes For Mac on the download page.
  3. After downloading, please double-click on the dmg file and install the setup into your macOS.
  4. After installation is completed, run the software and enjoy it.
  5. Now your software is ready for use.

Export for iTunes For Mac Free download button

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