eBookBinder For Mac v1.12.1 Best eBook Creating Software For MacOS X

eBookBinder For Mac v1.12.1 Best eBook Creating Software For MacOS X. eBookBinder is a super easy tool to create your ebooks using your existing documents. When compiling your book project, eBookBinder creates an epub file. There are just three significant steps to your very own eBook. The name of the book, the author, an image for the book cover, the publisher’s website and other details can be entered. There is no need to fill in all fields, but at least a name for the book must be assigned. Each text file added to the book project will be treated as a single chapter. Give the chapters a title and arrange the order by dragon drop according to your wishes. Click the “Bind book” button, and eBookBinder will create your eBook. Already the eBook is ready. eBookBinder supports various types of text files. Besides simple text files, doc, odt, RTF, RTF, HTML, Textbundle and Textpack files are also supported. Also, Check Out the PDF Reader Pro Mac.eBookBinder For Mac But that’s not all. eBookBinder can also process plain text files formatted using the following markup languages: Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext, BBCode and Smark. When these documents are added to the book project, they are automatically converted. In the preferences, you can specify which files with corresponding extensions should be treated with the conversion. After selecting the file extensions, all files with the related file extension will be automatically converted when imported into the book project. When the book project is compiled, eBookBinder saves the book in an ePub file. ePub files can be read by various eBook readers, including the iBook app for iOS devices and Mac computers.

Additionally, by setting up the kindlegen tool. eBookBinder can create Mobipocket files that Kindle devices and apps can read. All book projects are listed on the left side of the eBookBinder main window. Any number of book projects can be created and also removed. eBookBinder also offers a small editor that can be used to edit individual chapters. Aside from the essential functions to set text in bold, italic, underline, and alignment, there is also a “shorten” function, a unique feature of this editor. Simply select the text you want to keep and press the shorten button; everything else will be removed. This is especially handy for web articles to quickly remove advertisements and navigation surrounding the report.

The Features Of eBookBinder For Mac:

  1. International character support (Chinese, Russian, Greek, etc.).
  2. Image, video and audio files in chapters (RTFD, Textbundle and Textpack only).
  3. Import of DRM-free ePub files.
  4. Suitable for VoiceOver.
  5. Export of projects to share with others.
  6. Sorting functions for chapters.
  7. Automatic (optional) table of contents creation.
  8. Automatic splitting of markup formatted text into chapters based on headings.
  9. Built-in chapter editor.
  10. Project management.
  11. The output format.
  12. Markup language support.
  13. Create your eBook.
  14. Add text files as chapters to the book project.
  15. Add book information.

How to Download And Install eBookBinder into Mac OS?

  1. First of all, Click on the below download button.
  2. After clicking, you will be shifted to the download page.
  3. On the Download page, you can download your software.
  4. After downloading, please read the instructions and follow them.
  5. After installation, your software is ready for use.
  6. If you want to download this software, follow the direct downloading method below and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google, and timeline.

eBookBinder For Mac Full Version

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