Clipboard Action For Mac v1.5.5 Best Smart Clipboard History Manager For MacOSX

Clipboard Action For Mac v1.5.1 Bestintelligentt clipboard history manager For MacOS. Hi Friends, Today I Am Going To share the Best intelligent clipboard history manager App For MacOS. Clipboard Action is competent clipboard history manager that allows you to perform actions on every content in your clipboard history. Clipboard Actions creates actions based on your copied text and shows them in the status bar as notifications or a nice list in the App, where you can manage your clips. Clipboard Action For Mac is comparable with Clipper, Paste+ or Clip Stack because Clipboard Action For Mac runs in the background, has a very light service (consumes no battery), and reacts on copy actions. Clipboard Actions can be combined with other Clipboard managers. What a disappointment Google closed the door on clipboard managers. You are infuriated that Google doesn’t at least give us a choice. It was a relief to discover that this app could still partially cling to the function! Question: could you please add the ability to monitor the usage of “Cut” in addition to “Copy”? I frequently cut things I’m editing that I’d like to keep. It was super helpful in the past to have a “log” of these cuts in the manager. I have been looking for a clipboard for some time and have finally found what I have been searching for. Clipboard Actions captures everything I SELECT and COPY. Once stored, a complete set of tools is available to use those snippets, including the option of archiving specific items to keep the list manageable. Whether you have been looking for a better clipboard or just looking at what’s there, Clipboard Actions is worth a stern look. Also, Check Out  PlainPad For Mac

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Go ahead. I find myself using Clipboard Action For Mac many times throughout the day. Clipboard Action For Mac is indispensable, and thank you! Forgive me if I’ve overlooked a prominent setting, but is there a way to rearrange my saved clips in the list view? Ideally, I’d love to be able to drag my most-used clips to the top of the list so that I don’t have to scroll down to find them. Thanks again for a terrific app. This is a beautiful app. Clipboard Action For Mac would have been a 5, but the app didn’t recognize that my MacOS X was level 11. I thought I was on level 10. I put this app on all of my MacOS X (4). It is hard to imagine when it wasn’t available. Please try it. It makes copy / cut/paste significantly more powerful & flexible. It saves lots of retyping & time too. Very great! My phone’s built-in clipboard doesn’t work on every app, and it annoyed me, but then I found this app! I would only suggest a way to categorize and organize your clips, like with folders or something! If there already is that function, it would help if it was easier to find. That is remarkable, considering Google killed the clipboard managers. Suggestions: I need to be able to merge multiple clippings with custom delimiters, such as a paragraph break, and create running lists while copying. Also lovely to have an alternate clipping list for “pinned” clippings. It would be great to swipe clippings away, but they get pasted to the end of another clipping in the “pinned” list. Still, the significant problem is that I often have to “share,” but this app doesn’t appear in the share to the app list. Pretty good app; I don’t have any significant complaints.

I do have some suggestions though Single-Click function to delete all Pastes (except for like Saved ones or something, I don’t know.) •Option to automatically delete Pastes after a certain amount of time (like three days). The deleting can be done manually inside the app, and Clipboard Action For Mac Is mostly painless, albeit unintuitive and unclear. Does anybody know how to disable the pop-up that comes up every time I type something? I find Clipboard Action For Mac more annoying than helpful because I accidentally insert junk text and then have no undo function. I also can’t see how to delete the database en masse without uninstalling and reinstalling it. As soon as I write this, I figure Clipboard Action For Mac out. You must hold and drag down to select multiple entries and then delete them. Clipboard Action For Mac doesn’t disable the pop-up but makes it less annoying. *Edited review due to prompt customer service* “Worked well until recent update took away swipe copying/deleting and cut off text, so now I can’t see the full copied text”  Thanks for the response. I liked the swiping feature. No need to go to different screens to copy or delete. Also, I need the full-text preview because I use this to paste my Instagram info, which all starts the same and ends with different tags. If I can’t see the ending they all look the same. A custom title feature would be beneficial. The swiping was most helpful, tho. You shouldn’t have to go to another page to copy or delete. A Very nice Clipboard app! I use it multiple times per day. Some minor issues Clipboard Action For Mac would be very nice if there were a way to add the date to each saved clip. Also, the backup option seems to work no longer; I am on MacOS X 13, if that makes any difference.

The Features Of  Clipboard Action For Mac

  1. Browsing Clipboard History: By swipe gestures, navigation buttons, or keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Default Application Actions – Open, Save to File and Search with Google
  3. Custom Actions – User-defined actions using AppleScript or Automator workflow
  4. Search and Filter Content – text search and Filter by content type or by application from which was content copied
  5. Content Selection – There is no need to work with the whole content; select a part of the text and work with them
  6. Content Sharing – Share clipboard content with your friends
  7. Global Shortcuts – Show application from anywhere, execute selected action with actual clipboard content
  8. Global System Service – Execute action with selected text from anywhere
  9. Shortcuts – Execute actions by shortcut Cmd + 1 .. Cmd + 10
  10. Mode without Dock Icon – Show application window on active screen and active space
  11. Ignored Applications – Ignore the copied content from these applications
  12. Touch Bar Support – Navigation in the clipboard history and execution actions
  13. Launch the application at the login

How to download and Install Clipboard Action for Mac into Mac OS?

  1. First, you need to click on the below download button and shift to the download page.
  2. You can easily download your software via the given method on the download Clipboard Action For Mac page.
  3. After downloading, please read the download page instructions and follow them.
  4. After that, your app will be installed successfully. After that, your app will be ready for use.

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Clipboard Action For Mac Full Version

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