Aviary For Twitter Mac v1.1.38 Aviary for Twitter Beautiful Micro Blogging App

Aviary For Twitter Mac v1.1.38 Best Twitter Client App for MacOSX Free Download. Hi! Friends today will share with you the best Twitter client app for your macOS that will help you log into your Twitter account directly on your macOS. So, the app name is Aviary app for Mac 2022. Did you know that Mac’s Aviary Twitter client app is a beautiful Twitter client built with iOS design guidelines in mind? It’s simple enough to pick up and use immediately and powerful enough to tweak it just the way you want. The delightful interface is coupled with extensive features that feel the part of your device while elevating your Twitter experience. Browse Twitter without the distractions of promoted tweets or ads. Use filters to hide tweets containing keywords, users, media, quotes, retweets, tweets above or below certain thresholds, regular expressions, and more. Also, check out Adobe Photoshop For Mac 2022.Download Aviary App for Mac and iOS Free Downloaad Tweak app icons, tints, gestures, tweet appearances, and more with the extensive list of settings options. Quickly view lists, set custom tabs, change accounts, respond to tweets, share content, and use gestures and context menus. Siri Shortcuts, Share Extensions, iMessage Stickers, and Widgets mean that the fun doesn’t stop when you leave the app. Its powerful tweet filters (words, hashtags, users, media, quoted content, retweets, tweets above or below certain thresholds, regular expressions, sentiment, and more). I’ve been using Aviary as my main Twitter app for some time now, and I fell in love with it. The UI, which reminds me of Apollo, is part of why I use it as my primary Twitter app. The other part is just how fluid and cleans the app looks, from the app icon to the app itself. It shows how much the developer cared about the app’s design and made it as if Apple had created the app itself! While it’s not perfect, I have an issue using the app on my Apple Watch Series 3.

Where it won’t let me log in, and they’re still some things I would love to see added in future builds, assuming the Twitter API allows it, but at the end of the day, I plan on keeping with Aviary for all my Twitter needs and can’t wait to see where it’ll be a year from now!. When an app like this comes along, you always expect a standard of what it does, and this app far exceeds that standard. Avery brings a whole bag of features and improvements and even small touches around the UX that brings a smile to my face. From the haptics to the “feel” of the app, I love it. I find it hard to use 3rd party apps because of the companies that treat them as second-class citizens, and the API has many limitations that nerf apps like this from working with a complete feature set. I love supporting developers that take that leap of faith and sink god knows how many hours to make a product like this. Yes, it has its faults, but everything does. I give this app five stars because for what it is, and by a small team of people and all these limitations, this is a fantastic app with great experiences. So, if you need this app right now, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of Aviary App for macOS:

  1. Intuitive gestures (swipe tweets, long-press tweets, tab bar items, pinch the screen to screenshot, and more).
  2. Extensive profile actions, including adding private notes to remember details about the respective user.
  3. Browse Twitter in chronological order without the distractions of promoted tweets or ads.
  4. Compose tweets with media, GIFs, ASCII character faces, drawings, and more
  5. Universal app (one-time purchase to get it on iPhone, iPad, Watch, and Mac)
  6. Widgets to display timeline feeds and the latest tweets on your home screen.
  7. Accessibility labels, dynamic font sizing, and VoiceOver support.
  8. Custom app icons and themes to tweak the app to your liking.
  9. Context menus across the app to quickly perform actions.
  10. Fetch-based push notifications for mentions and replies.
  11. Extensive keyboard shortcuts and trackpad support.
  12. Action Extension to open Twitter links in the app.
  13. In-app Instagram media and YouTube playback
  14. Share tweets as images (with fine-tuning).
  15. Dark mode and high-contrast backgrounds
  16. Watch the app to browse and post tweets
  17. Share Extension to post tweets and media
  18. Siri Shortcuts to perform quick actions.
  19. List creation and browsing support.
  20. Trends and search support.
  21. Biometric app lock.
  22. Text and image text translations.
  23. Autoplaying timeline videos.
  24. Drag and Drop tweet and media support.
  25. iMessage Stickers.
  26. Beautiful iOS-centric UI.
  27. Multiple scrollable columns on iPad.
  28. Delete and edit tweets.
  29. Hashflags support.
  30. View polls.
  31. View pinned tweets.
  32. Haptics and alerts.
  33. iCloud sync.

How to Download and Instal Aviary For Mac 2022 Into MacOS?

  1. First, click on the link below and shift to the download page.
  2. On the download page, you can easily download Aviary For Mac.
  3. After that, Double Click on the setup dmg file and install setup into macOSX.
  4. Now your software is ready for your Mac.

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