Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker For Mac v2.1.08 Create 3D text, logos, and icons On macOS X

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker For Mac v2.1.08 Portable Best Logo Creator Software For Mac Free Download. Today, Hy’s friends will share another fantastic 3D logo maker software and 3D Text Maker software for Windows. That will allow you to create a 3D Animated logo for your Business brand and create 3D text effects within a few clicks. The software which is going to share with your name is Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker for windows. This is a portable version. So, there is no need for installation Run and start making 3D logos on your Windows PC. Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is an advanced application that enables you to design 3D Text, buttons, and logos. Features a large number of shapes and text templates. Also, check out 3D Home designer software 2021 for mac.Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker For mac OS

There are reflections and texture animation effects and a variety of quick tools that are very easy to use. You can choose a variety of bevels and alignments, and lighting can be adjusted. The shape can be interchangeable and very flexible. You can import the font shapes, and you can import SVG and convert them into three-dimensional shapes. Aurora 3D Text and Logo Maker lets non-technical individuals craft stunning 3D text, logos, and animation quickly and easily. With Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, you can hit the ground running with hundreds of templates that immediately take advantage of cool effects like reflections, deformations, and textures. Or import your images and tweak them to meet your unique design needs.

Aurora 3D Text and Logo Maker lets you use any of the installed fonts on your system to generate excellent 3D titles and buttons, complete with your favorite formatting like bold, italic, underline, superscript, and subscript. And the same magic that you make with text is equally applicable to shapes. Every aspect of your creation is customizable in Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker. Adjust sizes and shapes, rotate images, zoom in and out, and change the lighting. The results are limited only by your creativity. And when you are done, Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker lets you export your results as PNG, JPG, BMP, XPM, PPM, and TIFF files for maximum flexibility the animation you can export to video, gif, SWF, and image sequence. If you need this logo maker for your windows, don’t forget to download it from the link below.

The Feature of Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker For Mac 2021 Full Version:

  1. The template has as many as hundreds of style options and user-friendly operation to save you a lot of work time and increase efficiency.
  2. Reflection, reflection, mixing, deformation texture, and other operations, metal, glass, plastic, and other texture effects, so that your work will never lose a powerful 3D software.
  3. Handshape, SVG graphics and fonts, graphic import, import pictures, external models, and the flexibility to use the software to respond to your various design needs efficiently.
  4. Editing and special effects textures features are available in this software.
  5. The software specially designed for the advanced operator makes the text and the shape of the move, rotate, zoom, and change size very conveniently. Without using the value of the window, everything seems intuitive and creative.
  6. Unlimited undo, making various attempts to become don’t worry about.
  7. Front and side color, material, texture of shape, and text can be adjusted.
  8. The software contains dozens of texture libraries to choose from, coupled with unique texture reflection, mirror, and transparent effects make.
  9. It is easy to create metal, glass, and other special effects texture support zoom, move, rotate, etc. deformation, increasing the texture’s flexibility.
  10. Besides, we could quickly create animated textures, and the taste was more realistic.
  11. Dozens of ways to free choice of bevels. Bevel height can be freely adjusted to different shapes’ needs software provides three adjustable lighting modes.

How to Download and Install Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker into macOSX?

  1. First, Click on the below red Download button and shift to the download Page.
  2. On Download Page, you will have Download links and other Instructions.
  3. Please follow the steps by step guidelines and Install your Software into your MacOSX.
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  5. That’s It. Now enjoy.
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