Spitfire Audio-Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional KONTAKT-Minified [KLRG]

Spitfire Audio-Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional KONTAKT-Minified [KLRG]. Spitfire Studio Woodwinds is the third and final release in our vital Studio Orchestra range. By choosing the crisp and vibrant setting of AIR Studio One, a smaller, more controllable space than the opulent Lyndhurst Hall, we offer our fellow composers a woodwind library that captures every grain in depth and detail. As with our other Professional Studio libraries, we have pursued less frequently heard relatives of the section from the deep, knotted depths of the contrabassoon to the gleaming sounds of the piccolo solo and section performances and a great range of articulations. The Professional edition gives you extra instruments, such as the contrabass clarinet and cor anglais, two mixes from renowned engineer Simon Rhodes, and different mic positions move from intimate microphones to outriggers and ambients, or mix and match for absolute tonal control. Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional will breathe new life into your orchestra by boasting the broadest emotional range of performance in pin-sharp detail. Also, check out Native Instruments Traktor For Windows Free Download.Download Spitfire Studio Woodwinds full Version

Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

Two years in the making, Studio Woodwinds is the third section in our new Studio Orchestra series.  It has all the treasured Spitfire hallmarks: A-list London session players, the best instruments, and an unparalleled signal path recorded to tape by Grammy award-winning engineer Simon Rhodes in a room ideally suited to capturing the granular detail and velvet sonority of the woodwind family. As with our existing symphonic and chamber ranges, we have applied a “no stone unturned” approach: an encyclopedia of articulations, dynamic layers, and round robins for seamless, nuanced realism. Studio Woodwinds is available in two versions: Spitfire Studio Woodwinds and Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional. Spitfire Studio Woodwinds takes you straight to the section’s roots for instant results: 143 articulations across 11 instruments, including five solos, all recorded to a Decca tree rig featuring Schoeps microphones. Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional Full Version The Professional edition offers you all this and more, giving you 15 instruments from the dazzling piccolo down to the underbelly of the section: contrabassoon, contrabass clarinet, and bass flute. Extensive sound control is available, including two ready-to-go mixes, two close-mic arrangements, two Decca tree setups, ambient, and outriggers. You can access and personalize your mix of Simon’s microphone armory from pin-sharp to super-wide, picked up by the best from Neumann, Schoeps, and Sennheiser. This peerless detail and control extend to the articulations, which fulfill all the formal requirements but include extended techniques such as multi-tongue, air, essential FX, staccatissimo, and swells. Instantly usable and immediately musical, whatever stage you are at. Spitfire users now have a comprehensive range of orchestral maneuvers. We believe Studio Woodwinds suits users of our existing Lyndhurst Hall ranges as an essential sonic alternative. It is also perfect for those looking to buy a woodwinds library that will give them the most bang for their buck, being usable in the broadest range of musical settings and ready for your favorite reverbs and FX.  Spitfire Studio Woodwinds pro  DownloadWith the versatility we have engineered into this library, we do not doubt that Spitfire Studio Woodwinds will be a cherished part of your music-making over the next decade. Simon Rhodes was an obvious choice for our entirely new Studio Orchestra range, a microphone magician with multiple Grammy awards and a senior engineer at Abbey Road Studios. Simon has worked at the highest level in film score recording, having been James Horner’s go-to engineer for 18 years. Blockbuster movies such as Avatar, Skyfall, and Spectre have also had the Rhodes treatment. “For the Spitfire Studio Woodwinds sessions, the approach echoes what we did with the Studio Strings and Brass, so there is complete consistency between the libraries. The main Schoeps room mics were the same, and I captured two flavors of spots.” You can choose Simon’s mix or, with the Professional edition of the library, customize from the various mic options, from close to ambient, and two ‘Tree’ setups, using Schoeps microphones. “The second use Schoeps MK 21 wide cardioids (or sub-cardioids), which are great for keeping the room sound at bay while allowing you to get a sense of distance and perspective.”

The Spitfire Audio-Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional KONTAKT What’s included:


  • Piccolo Flute
  • Flute Solo
  • Flutes a3
  • Alto Flute
  • Bass Flute
  • Oboe Solo
  • Oboes a3
  • Cor Anglais
  • Clarinet Solo
  • Clarinets a3
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Contrabass Clarinet
  • Bassoon Solo
  • Bassoons a3
  • Contrabassoon

Extended techniques

  • Piccolo Flute: Core techniques
  • Piccolo Flute: Decorative techniques
  • Flute Solo: Core techniques
  • Flute Solo: Decorative techniques
  • Flutes a3: Core techniques
  • Flutes a3: Decorative techniques
  • Alto Flute: Core techniques
  • Alto Flute: Decorative techniques
  • Bass Flute: Core techniques
  • Bass Flute: Decorative techniques
  • Oboe Solo: Core techniques
  • Oboe Solo: Decorative techniques
  • Oboes a3: Core techniques
  • Oboes a3: Decorative techniques
  • Cor Anglais: Core techniques
  • Cor Anglais: Decorative techniques
  • Clarinet Solo: Core techniques
  • Clarinet Solo: Decorative techniques
  • Clarinets a3: Core techniques
  • Clarinets a3: Decorative techniques
  • Bass Clarinet: Core techniques
  • Bass Clarinet: Decorative techniques
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Core techniques
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Decorative techniques
  • Bassoon Solo: Core techniques
  • Bassoon Solo: Decorative techniques
  • Bassoons a3: Core techniques
  • Contrabassoon: Core techniques

Individual articulations

Piccolo flute

  • Piccolo Flute: Falls
  • Piccolo Flute: FX 1 Keynoise
  • Piccolo Flute: FX 2 Air
  • Piccolo Flute: Long Flutter
  • Piccolo Flute: Long Hollow
  • Piccolo Flute: Long Sfz
  • Piccolo Flute: Long
  • Piccolo Flute: Multitongue
  • Piccolo Flute: Rips
  • Piccolo Flute: Short Marcato
  • Piccolo Flute: Short Staccatissimo
  • Piccolo Flute: Short Staccato
  • Piccolo Flute: Short Tenuto
  • Piccolo Flute: Swell
  • Piccolo Flute: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Piccolo Flute: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Flute solo:

  • Flute Solo: Falls
  • Flute Solo: FX 1 Keynoise
  • Flute Solo: FX 2 Air
  • Flute Solo: Long Flutter
  • Flute Solo: Long Hollow
  • Flute Solo: Long Sfz
  • Flute Solo: Long
  • Flute Solo: Multitongue
  • Flute Solo: Rips
  • Flute Solo: Short Marcato
  • Flute Solo: Short Staccatissimo
  • Flute Solo: Short Staccato
  • Flute Solo: Short Tenuto
  • Flute Solo: Swell
  • Flute Solo: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Flute Solo: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Flutes a3

  • Flutes a3: Falls
  • Flutes a3: FX 1 Keynoise
  • Flutes a3: FX 2 Air
  • Flutes a3: Long Flutter
  • Flutes a3: Long Hollow
  • Flutes a3: Long Sfz
  • Flutes a3: Long
  • Flutes a3: Multitongue
  • Flutes a3: Rips
  • Flutes a3: Short Marcato
  • Flutes a3: Short Staccatissimo
  • Flutes a3: Short Staccato
  • Flutes a3: Short Tenuto
  • Flutes a3: Swell
  • Flutes a3: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Flutes a3: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Alto flute

  • Alto Flute: Falls
  • Alto Flute: FX 1 Keynoise
  • Alto Flute: FX 2 Air
  • Alto Flute: Long Flutter
  • Alto Flute: Long Hollow
  • Alto Flute: Long Sfz
  • Alto Flute: Long
  • Alto Flute: Multitongue
  • Alto Flute: Rips
  • Alto Flute: Short Marcato
  • Alto Flute: Short Staccatissimo
  • Alto Flute: Short Staccato
  • Alto Flute: Short Tenuto
  • Alto Flute: Swell
  • Alto Flute: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Alto Flute: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Bass flute

  • Bass Flute: Falls
  • Bass Flute: Long Flutter
  • Bass Flute: Long Hollow
  • Bass Flute: Long Sfz
  • Bass Flute: Long
  • Bass Flute: Multitongue
  • Bass Flute: Rips
  • Bass Flute: Short Marcato
  • Bass Flute: Short Staccatissimo
  • Bass Flute: Short Staccato
  • Bass Flute: Short Tenuto
  • Bass Flute: Swell
  • Bass Flute: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Bass Flute: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Oboe solo

  • Oboe Solo: Falls
  • Oboe Solo: Long Sfz
  • Oboe Solo: Long
  • Oboe Solo: Multitongue
  • Oboe Solo: Rips
  • Oboe Solo: Short Marcato
  • Oboe Solo: Short Staccatissimo
  • Oboe Solo: Short Staccato
  • Oboe Solo: Short Tenuto
  • Oboe Solo: Swell
  • Oboe Solo: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Oboe Solo: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Oboes a3

  • Oboes a3: Long Sfz
  • Oboes a3: Long
  • Oboes a3: Multitongue
  • Oboes a3: Short Marcato
  • Oboes a3: Short Staccatissimo
  • Oboes a3: Short Staccato
  • Oboes a3: Short Tenuto
  • Oboes a3: Swell
  • Oboes a3: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Oboes a3: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Cor anglais

  • Cor Anglais: Long Sfz
  • Cor Anglais: Long
  • Cor Anglais: Multitongue
  • Cor Anglais: Short Marcato
  • Cor Anglais: Short Staccatissimo
  • Cor Anglais: Short Staccato
  • Cor Anglais: Short Tenuto
  • Cor Anglais: Swell
  • Cor Anglais: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Cor Anglais: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Clarinet solo

  • Clarinet Solo: Long Flutter
  • Clarinet Solo: Long Sfz
  • Clarinet Solo: Long
  • Clarinet Solo: Multitongue
  • Clarinet Solo: Short Marcato
  • Clarinet Solo: Short Staccato
  • Clarinet Solo: Short Tenuto
  • Clarinet Solo: Swell
  • Clarinet Solo: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Clarinet Solo: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Clarinets a3

  • Clarinets a3: Long Flutter
  • Clarinets a3: Long Sfz
  • Clarinets a3: Long
  • Clarinets a3: Multitongue
  • Clarinets a3: Short Marcato
  • Clarinets a3: Short Staccato
  • Clarinets a3: Short Tenuto
  • Clarinets a3: Swell
  • Clarinets a3: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Clarinets a3: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Bass clarinet

  • Bass Clarinet: Long Flutter
  • Bass Clarinet: Long Sfz
  • Bass Clarinet: Long
  • Bass Clarinet: Multitongue
  • Bass Clarinet: Short Marcato
  • Bass Clarinet: Short Staccato
  • Bass Clarinet: Short Tenuto
  • Bass Clarinet: Swell

Contrabass clarinet

  • Contrabass Clarinet: Long Flutter
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Long Sfz
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Long
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Short Marcato
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Short Staccato
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Short Tenuto
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Swell

Bassoon solo

  • Bassoon Solo: Long Flutter
  • Bassoon Solo: Long Sfz
  • Bassoon Solo: Long
  • Bassoon Solo: Multitongue
  • Bassoon Solo: Short Marcato
  • Bassoon Solo: Short Staccato
  • Bassoon Solo: Short Tenuto
  • Bassoon Solo: Swell
  • Bassoon Solo: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Bassoon Solo: Trill (Minor 2nd)

Bassoons a3

  • Bassoons a3: Long Sfz
  • Bassoons a3: Long
  • Bassoons a3: Short Marcato
  • Bassoons a3: Short Staccato
  • Bassoons a3: Short Tenuto
  • Bassoons a3: Swell
  • Bassoons a3: Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Bassoons a3: Trill (Minor 2nd)


  • Contrabassoon: Long Flutter
  • Contrabassoon: Long Sfz
  • Contrabassoon: Long
  • Contrabassoon: Short Marcato
  • Contrabassoon: Short Staccato
  • Contrabassoon: Short Tenuto
  • Contrabassoon: Swell

Legato techniques

  • Piccolo Flute: Legato
  • Flute Solo: Legato
  • Flutes a3: Legato
  • Alto Flute: Legato
  • Bass Flute: Legato
  • Oboe Solo: Legato
  • Oboes a3: Legato
  • Cor Anglais: Legato
  • Clarinet Solo: Legato
  • Clarinets a3: Legato
  • Bass Clarinet: Legato
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Legato
  • Bassoon Solo: Legato
  • Bassoons a3: Legato
  • Contrabassoon: Legato

Other es

  • Piccolo Flute: Economic Longs
  • Piccolo Flute: Economic Shorts
  • Piccolo Flute: Light resources
  • Piccolo Flute: Time machine
  • Flute Solo: Economic Longs
  • Flute Solo: Economic Shorts
  • Flute Solo: Light resources
  • Flute Solo: Time machine
  • Flutes a3: Economic Longs
  • Flutes a3: Economic Shorts
  • Flutes a3: Light resources
  • Flutes a3: Time machine
  • Alto Flute: Economic Longs
  • Alto Flute: Economic Shorts
  • Alto Flute: Light resources
  • Alto Flute: Time machine
  • Bass Flute: Economic Longs
  • Bass Flute: Economic Shorts
  • Bass Flute: Light resources
  • Bass Flute: Time machine
  • Oboe Solo: Economic Longs
  • Oboe Solo: Economic Shorts
  • Oboe Solo: Light resources
  • Oboe Solo: Time machine
  • Oboes a3: Economic Longs
  • Oboes a3: Economic Shorts
  • Oboes a3: Light resources
  • Oboes a3: Time machine
  • Cor Anglais: Economic Longs
  • Cor Anglais: Economic Shorts
  • Cor Anglais: Light resources
  • Cor Anglais: Time machine
  • Clarinet Solo: Economic Longs
  • Clarinet Solo: Economic Shorts
  • Clarinet Solo: Light resources
  • Clarinet Solo: Time machine
  • Clarinets a3: Economic Longs
  • Clarinets a3: Economic Shorts
  • Clarinets a3: Light resources
  • Clarinets a3: Time machine
  • Bass Clarinet: Economic Longs
  • Bass Clarinet: Economic Shorts
  • Bass Clarinet: Light resources
  • Bass Clarinet: Time machine
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Economic Longs
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Economic Shorts
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Light resources
  • Contrabass Clarinet: Time machine
  • Bassoon Solo: Economic Longs
  • Bassoon Solo: Economic Shorts
  • Bassoon Solo: Light resources
  • Bassoon Solo: Time machine
  • Bassoons a3: Economic Longs
  • Bassoons a3: Economic Shorts
  • Bassoons a3: Light resources
  • Bassoons a3: Time machine
  • Contrabassoon: Economic Longs
  • Contrabassoon: Economic Shorts
  • Contrabassoon: Light resources
  • Contrabassoon: Time machine

Mics & mixes


  • C1: Close mics
  • C2: Leader close mic
  • T1: Tree 1
  • T2: Tree 2
  • A: Ambience mics
  • O: Outriggers


  • M1: Mix 1
  • M2: Mix 2

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