Art Text For Mac v4.2.1 Best Graphic Design Software App For MacOS X

Art Text For Mac v4.2.1 Best Graphic Design Software App For MacOS X. Hi Friends Today I Am Going To Share Best Graphic Design Software App For MacOS X. Art Text is graphic design software to create stunning illustrations, such as badges, flyers, logos, social headers and icons, text mockups, website graphics and buttons, picture captions, word art, and 3D text. Both professional designers and amateurs will be amazed by the selection of tools and diverse content collections, all in a slick and intuitive interface. Art Text 4 is graphic design software that powers up typography and lettering in your video, desktop publishing and digital media design. Also Check Out Affinity Designer 2022 For Mac.Art Text For MacThe new text animation tool will bring your text to life. Quickly and easily create motion titles and text effect animations for iMovie intros, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, title animations for Keynote and more. The wide choice of text design templates and text effect editing tools will help you create holiday greeting cards, flyer and brochure titles, company logos, book covers, and beautiful text effects for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts and channel covers. Add and fine-tune bumps and wrinkles on a 3D text surface to simulate the natural roughness of brick, ice, rust metal, etc. Maximize surface roughness authenticity with Reflection Mask, which defines reflective and non-reflective areas.

It is especially useful for rusty, decayed or scratched surfaces. Creating high-quality 3D typography is simplified with material presets. Each preset is an exclusive combination of texture, bump map, environment and light options. Populate text with over 440 photo objects to simulate the effect of words being laid out with such objects as coffee beans, color balls, autumn leaves and clouds. Edit fonts beyond common typeface options to wear out text sides, create random holes in the body, partially dim text and much more.

The Features Of Art Text For Mac:

  1. Customizable Templates Ready-made templates will help with logo design, produce beautiful word art, web elements and picture captions.
  2. Fill Tools Gradient presets, textures, and shading materials.
  3. 2D Effects Adjustable shadow and glow effects, over 30 masks.
  4. Graphic Content Vector icons, symbols and shapes; flash, flare, sparkle, and light trace objects; and backgrounds and textures.
  5. 3D Materials Customize 3D materials using textures, bump map surfaces, and environment map textures.
  6. 3D Effects Apply soft-edged shadow or glow to 3D objects. Use optical effect tools to make background objects out of focus.
  7. Geometry Transformations Apply transformation shapes to 2D or 3D texts to bend, warp, or give the text a wavy shape.
  8. Sharing the Result Share the art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with just one click, or export to an image file to use virtually anywhere.

How to download and Install Art Text into macOS?

  1. First, click the download button below and shift to the Art Text For Mac.
  2. On the download page, you can easily download Art Text For Mac and Windows.
  3. After downloading, please read the instruction on the download page and follow them.
  4. After installation, your software will be ready for use.
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Art Text For Mac

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