Antivirus BitMedic Pro Mac v3.1.3 Best Mac AntiVirus Software For Mac OSX

Antivirus BitMedic Pro For Mac v3.1.3 Best Antivirus Software Free download. Hy friends, today I am going to share the best Antivirus for mac. To protect your Mac OS from viruses, malware, and trojan virus attacks, you can now use Antivirus BitMedic Pro antivirus software. macOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems available. But as popularity increases, they get targeted more by hackers and malware. Protect your Mac and protect your sensitive information. New threats target your Mac security, personal information, and identity. BitMedic Pro Antivirus was explicitly designed for the Mac and offered a complete protection suite. Also, check out Best Antivirus and Security Software for macOS X.

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It gives you simple 3-step protection for the utmost security, keeping your Mac safe from attacks.  BitMedic Pro Antivirus has received the AV-Comparatives approved award, which requires a 99% minimum detection rate and 0 false positives. In my way, Antivirus BitMedic Pro works well. I advise new users to read the guide and check all preference defaults. This app provides a reassuring level of protection. The only issue I’ve had is the very aggressive Mail Shield (one of the Health Monitor’s monitoring services). To my dismay, I found Mail Shield views all emails from credit card companies as threats or phishing. For years I have received bills ready to view online alerts. Mail Shield deletes or quarantines these emails. When I checked my account, the ts I was informed they could not send emails to my record anymore. Pocket Bits online support did respond to my questions about the quarantine, but I’ve found no way to modify this behavior.

So I left Mail Shield turned off. The other features work fine, and the last update speeded up the opening of the Antivirus BitMedic dramatically. The browser adware cleaner also works well, but again, check preference defaults! So overall, I recommend Antivirus BitMedic Pro. I have Malwarebyte on Windows and decided to take on Antivirus BitMedic for MacBook Pro. The interface is intuitive, with a complete separation of concerns that captures what antivirus software should be doing in the background. Threats are quarantined in my choice folders since I do not want the system-level threats sitting in my user folder by default. Scans can be scheduled but also done adhoc, which is helpful when I download a file on the fly. The updates are not distracting; they run in the background and do not slow down the machine. Once I upgraded from macOS Sierra to High Sierras, a glitch resulted in an error about permission to locate the monitored volume. The Antivirus BitMedic support team was very responsive, kind, and able to convey instructions about uninstalling and reinstalling the application over email. Keep up the good work! So, if you need then, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of Antivirus Antivirus BitMedic Pro For mac OS X:

  1. Adware scanner.
  2. High-Performance Multi-threaded Virus Scanner.
  3. Virus database automatic background updates.
  4. 24/7 Real-time protection.
  5. Optimized for performance.
  6. Works silently in the background.
  7. Supports all mail, archive, executable, and document files.
  8. Multiple scanning options.
  9. Exclude files/disks/folders to speed up scanning.
  10. 1-click removal to send to quarantine or trash.
  11. Easily schedule scans.
  12. Drag & drop support.

What’s New: Version 3.1.3

  • AV-TEST & AV-Comparatives database update from test results
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.0

  • Brand new optimized GUI with new features and an intuitive dashboard
  • Even faster scanning
  • Browser Privacy to clean sensitive information stored in your web browser
  • Automated scheduled scans
  • Easier 1-click real-time monitoring. Right-click your menubar icon.
  • Whitelist support
  • USB detection to automatically scan external drives

How to download and Install Antivirus Antivirus BitMedic Pro into Mac OS?

  1. First of all, Click on the below download button.
  2. After clicking, you will be shifted to the download page.
  3. On the Download page, you can download your software.
  4. After downloading, please read the instructions and follow them.
  5. After installation, your software is ready for use.
  6. If you want to download this software, follow the direct downloading method below and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and Google, plus a timeline.
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