Ad Skipper for YouTube Premium Apk v1.7.1 YouTube Ads Skipper & Mute YouTube Ads App

Ad Skipper for YouTube Premium Apk v1.71 Auto Ad Skipper & Ads Mute App For YouTube Ads apk Free Download. Hi friends, I will share the Best Ad Skipper app for Android and Google Chrome software today. The Ad Skipper software will help skip ads on YouTube that run into any videos on youtube. This is a YouTube Ad Auto-skipper app for Android and Windows, a fully working and beautiful app. Ad Skipper for YouTube will click the skip ad button on your behalf and mute the audio while the ad is playing on your Currently watching video on youtube. This will help mute the experimental audio feature and may not work as expected on all devices. If it’s not working for you, you can turn it off. Need Similar for Chrome then, Get Ads Block Plus Extension.Download Ad Skipper for YouTube Premium App

Ad Skipper for YouTube Apk Free Download Full Version Screenshots:

Ad Skipper for YouTube is a YouTube Ads skipper, not a YouTube Ads blocker; thus will not block YouTube ads. If you are looking for a YouTube ad blocker to block YouTube ads, Ad Skipper for YouTube is not for you. Now get rid of those annoying YouTube ads popping every other second and ruining your experience of watching YouTube videos by downloading this YouTube ad skipper. Ad skippers for YouTube will automatically skip YouTube ads(not block) and mute(experimental) them without your interaction.  If you are annoyed with too many YouTube Ads & skipping them by tapping on Skip Ads after every second or third video, YouTube Ad skipper is the only app you need.Ad Skipper for YouTube Premium MOD APKHere is crucial information: the Ad skipper for YouTube is a YouTube ad skipper, not a YouTube adblocker. YouTube Ad skipper does not block YouTube ads, and It just skips YouTube ads when the Skip Ad button is displayed and mutes the audio while the ad is playing. Ad skipper for YouTube, Skip YouTube ads deserves your try right away. It is the simplest but the most useful YouTube Ad skipper. So download the Ad skipper for YouTube and take your YouTube-watching experience to the next level. We’re always excited to hear from you. So, If you have any problems with using this app or any suggestions regarding the app “Ad Skipper for YouTube,” feel free to contact us by writing the below comment. I will reply soon as I get your feedback.Download Ad Skipper for YouTube Premium Full VersionThe most important information about this app is that, on some devices. Android disables the accessibility permission of the app after some days. If this happens, open the Ad Skipper for YouTube once and Re-enable the accessibility service. MI Users may need to reboot their device once after installing the Ad Skipper for YouTube. Ad skipper for YouTube is not a YouTube adblocker. It does not block YouTube ads. It skips YouTube ads when the Skip Ad button is displayed, mutes the ad audio, and doesn’t block YouTube ads. Ads are the way for developers to earn money, so we don’t block YouTube ads. So, if you need this app, then follow the below link and download it.

The Features of Ad Skipper for YouTube Android App:

  1. Skip YouTube Ads automatically(not block) when the Skip Ad button is displayed.
  2. Mute the audio until YouTube Ad is playing(experimental).
  3. Ad Skipper for YouTube can remove 10 seconds delay between videos(Premium).
  4. No need to manually skip YouTube Ads.
  5. Ad Skipper for YouTube is only around 2MB in size.
  6. Root permission is not required since it is not a YouTube Ad-blocker.
  7. Easily turn on/off skip ads or mute audio with clean and simple UI.
  8. Get fewer ads on YouTube after Ad Skipper for YouTube.
  9. Ad Skipper for YouTube is supported on all major Android devices.

Ad Skipper App 1.7.0 Update

IMPORTANT – Please reboot the device to make sure the accessibility service has restarted properly

✔ Auto-confirm “Video paused. Continue watching?(Premium) 🔥
✔ Squashed some user-reported bugs 🐛
✔ Code optimization and other fixes 🔧
✔ Dark mode

How to Download and Install Ad Skipper into your Android and Windows?

  1. First of all, click on the download page and shift it to the download page.
  2. On the download page, you can easily download this app.
  3. After downloading, please install it into your Android.
  4. Now enjoy, don’t forget to share the app with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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