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Xiaopan OS Pro LIVE CD Bootable ISO Free Download Full Version

Xiaopan OS PRO Free Download live CD bootable ISO Full Version. It is based on i686 Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Xfce 32bits. For support, requests and to publish bugs and tips, please do so in the Forums. The ISO is experimental and for those who want to try to get it working as a Live USB/CD. The PVM is used for Parallels Desktop and VirtualBox. Also, check out Beini WiFi Hacker Tools: Hack WEP/WPA/WPA2 Password.Xiaopan OS PRO full version

Xiaopan OS Pro LIVE CD Bootable Free Download Full Version Screenshots:

Xiaopan OS is a software bundle designed to detect for any security flaws that might be present within a wireless network. This application can be installed on external storage systems such as a USB stick or a CD if required.  Xaiopan is a small Linux but powerful distribution based on Tiny Core Linux. Xiaopan offers an array of WiFi security audit tools and is Mac + PC compatible. The ISO file can be installed onto a USB, CD or in a virtual machine environment. Ralink, Atheros, and Realtek cards are extensively supported. There are plenty of online tutorials about how to use Reaver, Inflator, Mindiwep, Aircrack-ng and Feeding Bottle.Os-Pro-for-wifi-hacking Remember that you should not use Xiaopan for malicious or illegal purposes. In other words, you should only use Xiaopan for assessing you’re the security of your own WiFi Networks. Xiaopan OS is better than other software such as BackTrack, WiFiway, and Beini simply because of its ease of use, size of the download and the no need to remember Linux commands. Inflator, FeedingBottle and Minidwep all have a GUI which makes it much easier. Determine if your network is vulnerable to hacking and great for those seeking education in network security. Xiaopan OS (I mean the classic v0.4.7.2), with only half size of the CDlinux + minidwep, includes a number of advanced and powerful hacking tools (Inflator, ReaverAircrack-ng, Minidwep GTK, XFE, wifite and feeding bottle) used for penetrating WPA / WPA2 / WPS / WEP wireless networks (and always the latest versions).Xiaopen-OS-Pro-downloadWhich is based on the Tiny Core Linux (TCL). In short, summarizing the meaning of XiaoPan OS with few words is that it is born for wireless cracking only! In the same way, Xiaopan OS does not require typing Linux commands because of its friendly graphical user interface (GUI). It enables users to install it on a hard drive partition (as a complete Linux OS), a bootable USB flash drive or just run it in a virtual machine. Now that it’s so handy and easy to start, here AppNee just made a short demo video (showed you a full cracking tutorial to a randomly targeted wireless network around my place) without text or phonetic explanation. Hope you can understand it to some extent.

Xiaopan OS Pro Regulars:

  1. Minidwep GTK 40422 (Latest available) Changelog
  2. Feeding Bottle 3.2.3
  3. Inflator 1.0
  4. Wifite 2.0r85-1
  5. Reaver 1.4-2

Additional Packages / Software in Xiaopan OS PRO:

  1. Aircrack 1.2 b2
  2. Backports-3.12.2-1 (formally compact-wireless)
  3. bully was 2.1 (translated in English)
  4. Bully 1.0-22
  5. TOR Browser 3.5
  6. Remmina  1.0.0-4ubuntu3
  7. Remastersys GTK 3.0.4-1
  8. LinSSID 2.1-1
  9. Firefox 26.0+build2-0ubuntu0.13.10.2
  10. Aircrack M4 GUI 1.0.0 B2
  11. Lindsey 0.9
  12. CookieCadger 1.0.6
  13. Fern WiFi Cracker 1.9
  14. WPSPin
  15. UFO Wardriving 4
  16. BigPwnd 0.1
  17. Johnny (JTR GUI)  1.1.3
  18. JTR 1.8.0
  19. Wireshark Version 1.10.2 (SVN Rev 51934 from /trunk-1.10)
  20. MDK3 v6
  21. THC xHydra 7.6 + GUI
  22. MACChanger-gtk 1.2
  23. Crunch 3.5
  24. Password Analysis and Cracking Kit 0.0.4
  25. CoWPAtty 4.6
  26. WPSCrackGUI 1.2.4
  27. Pyrit 0.4.0
  28. WiFi-Eye 1.0.0
  29. Pentbox 1.5
  30. Python 3.3
  31. MKBrutus 1.0.0
  32. Brutus Hack 5.0
  33. Jazztel Brute Script
  34. Orange Cracker 1.7
  35. WPSIG 1.1
  36. Ono Cracker
  37. Kismet 2013.03.R1b-1
  38. Gparted 0.16.1-1
  39. UNetbootin 575-1ubuntu2
  40. Bleachbit  0.9.6-1
  41. YUMI 0.0.1-1
  42. FileZilla 3.7.3-1ubuntu1
  43. Driftnet 1.1-1
  44. Angry IP Scanner 3.2.1-1

Issues in Xiaopan OS PRO:

Please report success/fixes/issues here. The users of this build are the ones who can make it better

  1. Probably will not work as a Live USB but you are welcome to try (check the Forums for potential fixes to suit your hardware).
  2. Have to force close some xterm scripts.
  3. xTerm opens up when it boots.


Change it if you wish. Default is:

  1. rocksolid

Minimum System Requirements for Xiaopan OS PRO:

  1. x86 processor
  2. 384 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  3. 5 GB of disk space
  4. Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  5. Virtual Machine (Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.)

You can extract the ISO or use the Parallels Desktop  / Workstation PVM Image which can be converted into VirtualBox (instructions).

Upgrading from OLD Version to Pro?

When you install the OS you can perform the following in Terminal:

Xiaopan OS PRO Upgrade

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

apt-get dist-upgrade

apt-get auto-remove

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