VMware Fusion 13 Pro For Mac – Run Windows on Mac OS Virtual Machine Software

VMware Fusion 13 Pro For Mac Free Download is a  Virtual Machine Software for macOS. VMware Fusion 13 Pro Mac users have the power to run Windows on Mac and hundreds of other operating systems alongside Mac applications without rebooting. VMware Fusion 13 Mac is simple for home users and sturdy enough for IT professionals, developers, and businesses. With the powerful Unity feature, VMware Fusion seamlessly integrates your Windows applications with your Mac. Instantly launch Windows applications from any Mac file, the Dock, and more. Minimize Windows applications to the Dock and quickly switch between Windows and Mac applications with Expose. Is it similar to Windows? Then, check out Parallels for Mac’s free download.VMware Fusion 13 Pro For MacVMware Fusion 13 For Mac makes your Windows-on-Mac experience the safest possible with a suite of features to keep Windows safe and sound. VMware Fusion 13 Pro For Mac supports Windows on your Mac, from automated, timed snapshots to embedded antivirus and antispyware software. Run Nearly Any Operating System on a Mac. Running Windows on Mac is only the beginning. VMware Fusion lets you choose from hundreds of supported operating systems, from lesser-known Linux distributions to the latest Windows 10 release. Connect to VMware vSphere. Built from the ground up for Mac users with an obsessive eye towards being a “good Mac citizen,” VMware Fusion 13 Pro Mac is the easiest, most Mac-friendly way to run Windows on the Mac. A Mac-first user interface ensures users get the expected features, like customizable toolbars, searchable Apple help, Boot Camp support, dock notification integration, and more.

Develop and Test for Any Platform. Based on the most advanced virtualization engine the world has ever known, the result of more than a decade of development, VMware Fusion brings all the power of VMware’s enterprise-proven technology to the Mac. Fusion makes testing nearly any OS and app on a Mac simple. Build and test apps in a sandbox while securely sharing local source files and folders. Fusion Pro now includes a RESTful API to integrate with modern development tools like Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, and others to fit the power of VMware into today’s Agile and DevOps-oriented production pipelines. Thanks to its superior strength, flexibility, and pedigree, VMware Fusion is the right choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their Mac by running Windows applications side-by-side with Mac applications.

The Features of VMware Fusion 13 Pro Extended Edition:

VMware Fusion 13 Pro is a powerful virtualization software for Mac that allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single Mac computer. Here’s a list of features that come with VMware Fusion 13 Pro:

  1. Run Multiple Operating Systems: VMware Fusion 13 Pro lets you run various operating systems simultaneously, including macOS, Windows, Linux, and more.
  2. Mac Integration: Seamlessly integrate Windows applications with macOS, including the ability to launch Windows applications from the macOS Dock.
  3. High-Performance Graphics: Enjoy high-performance 3D graphics support, making it possible to run graphic-intensive applications and games.
  4. Advanced Snapshots: Capture and manage multiple snapshots of your virtual machines, allowing you to roll back to a previous state or save different configurations.
  5. Clones and Templates: Create clones of virtual machines or use templates to deploy similar VMs for testing and development quickly.
  6. Linked Clones: Save disk space by creating linked clones of your virtual machines. These clones share the same base VM, reducing storage requirements.
  7. Customizable Virtual Networks: Configure virtual networks to isolate, bridge, or share network connections between virtual machines.
  8. RESTful API: Automate and streamline your VM management tasks using the RESTful API for developers.
  9. Remote vSphere Connectivity: Connect to remote vSphere servers to run, upload, or download virtual machines directly to and from your Mac.
  10. USB 3.0 Device Support: Connect and use USB 3.0 devices within your virtual machines.
  11. Compatibility with Popular Hypervisors: Import virtual machines from other hypervisors like Parallels Desktop and VirtualBox.
  12. Support for macOS Big Sur and Monterey: VMware Fusion 13 Pro is compatible with the latest versions.
  13. Professional-Grade Snapshots: Take snapshots with advanced features such as memory snapshot support, giving you more control over your VMs.
  14. Advanced Networking Features: Create complex network configurations with support for IPv6, network renaming, and more.
  15. Cloud Connectivity: Connect to popular cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud from your virtual machines.
  16. Unity View Mode: Use Unity View to run Windows applications directly on your Mac desktop, making them look and feel like native Mac apps.
  17. Advanced Virtual Hardware: VMware Fusion 13 Pro supports up to 32 virtual CPUs, 128GB of RAM, and 8TB virtual disks, ideal for demanding workloads.
  18. Licensing and Support: Access VMware’s technical support and the latest updates and features with the Pro version.

VMware Fusion 13 Pro is a comprehensive virtualization solution for Mac users, ideal for professionals and developers who need to run multiple operating systems and virtual machines with ease and performance.

How to download and install VMware Fusion 13 Pro Extended Edition into MacOSX?

  1. First of all, download this software from the below link.
  2. After downloading, please double-click on the dmg file.
  3. Now, install the setup on your Mac.
  4. After installation, please use the given keygens to activate this software.

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