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VLC Screen Capture Software Free Download Full Version

VLC Screen Recorder Software For Windows. How to use VLC To Record Desktop With Audio. Hi friends today am going to share with you a suitable method. Which help you to capture the screen recorder. Without any other software using your VIC media player software. I know that there is a vast collection of screen video recorder software available on the internet for free or paid. If you have not had an ability to buy costly software then, you need to follow my given method and record your screen video as you want.How to recored computer screen with VLC free Screen capture softwareIf you want to be recording the screen as for youtube then, it should be an excellent way. Becuase with VLC, you can register desktop as will speak as with audio voice. This will help you to capture video into HD result. Before this, I know you did not see the excellent result of this software. I have already shared some best screen recorder software for windows. Such as Camtasia Studio software. This software helps you to capture screen and also edit your capture video and add some zooming effects. This is such a beautiful and amazing screen video recording software. As will as this is my favorite screen capture software for windows. If you have not interested to using this massive software into slow windows operating system then, you can also download Apowersoft Screen Recorder software. This is also my best screen video recorder software for windows. It also has some great feature. To using this, you can recorder your cam video as will. So if you were not ready to use this software also and want to use VLC media player as a screen recorder software then follow the given below step by step screen recording with the screenshot.

VLC Screen Capture Step by Step Guide:

  1. First of all, you need to download VLC Media Player for Free.
  2. After downloading full please installed into Windows operating system.
  3. After Installation full, you need to open or Run VLC into windows.Run VLC Media Player into windows Full Version
  4. Now click on “Media” from the menu on your VLC Media Player software.Click on Media and click on open Capture Device
  5. Now click on “Open Capture Device” from media submenu as like the above screenshot.2 Select Capture Mode Disktop add fram rate and clikc on convert
  6. Select Capture Mode “Desktop” from capture device tabe.
  7. Now add desired Frame rate for the capture as like “10.00f/s.”
  8. After that, you need to click on the left side from play and click on “Convert.”3 Click here to create new profile
  9. Click on the highlighted icon for creating a profile.4 From profile edition encapsulation selcect mp4 or move
  10. From Profile edition and Encapsulation you need to select “MP4/Mov.”5 Video codec select video chose codec h-264 and add profile name then click on create
  11. Now click on “Video Codec” from profile version.
  12. And Click on “Video.”
  13. Now chose “Encoding paraments” and set “Codec” to “H-264.”
  14. Now add Profile name such as “Videos1.”
  15. After that, you need to click on “Create.”6 Browse and chose destination folder free Download
  16. Now in this “convert”, you need to click on “Browse.”7 Select the folder where you want to save and add file name and click on save
  17. Now select the folder where you want to save your file and game file name.
  18. After that, you need to click on “Save”.8 Now click on Start.jpeg
  19. Now the next step is to click on “Start” This time screen capturing will be started so follow the next screen with time.10 Now stop recoding and play your windows from distination folder
  20. In this screenshot, you can stop your Screen Capture or video recording from VLc and open the directory where you have saved your capture video.

So that’s it. This is the method that will help you to Screen capture with VLC media player. If you have any problem then, I will upload a video tutorial on this Screen capture video recording process soon.

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