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Top Paid Android Apps Mod Apk Full Version

Top Paid Android Apps latest full version. As we know that the Android operating system and the device are very famous due to easy to used and supported almost any kinds of Smartphone, Mobile Phones, and Cell phones hardware. Android devices are one of the best devices and operating system that is an open source operating system based on Linux.Download Top Paid Android Apps Free

Top Paid Android Apps Free Download Screenshots:

So we can make out own apps and used own mobile or for share into public on the Google play store. But there were a vast collection of any kinds of Android apps available for free download. Here almost a great selection of Android apps not for free we pay for downloading and using it. So am going to share with your some most and useful android application for free.Top Paid Android Apps Free Download latest version There is a lot of users who try to download paid android apps for free from google play but due to the non-payment method or due to no money they did not buy this application for personal use.  So if you are one of them and want to download Android Top Paid app for free. Then, you are now on right place yes. Becuase the full version forever or Fullversionforevers it the fantastic website where you can download computer software for free with cracks and keys.Top Paid Android Apps cracked It is the best sites to download paid Android apps for free for the life with Cracked or patched. Remember this time I am not a user of Android mobile. But soon am going to buy Samsung Galaxy J8 2016 as soon as possible. So if you want to know how to download paid android apps for free on PC then, this is an excellent site. So follow the given below link and download it.

Top Paid Android apps free 2016 activated:

Here a vast collection of Top-paid Android apps latest version that is going to share with you is given below in detail with version.

  1.  [Substratum] Belo v10 [Patched].apk
    [Substratum] Linear v1.8.2 Unreleased [Patched].apk
    [Substratum] Mono Art v20.3 [Patched].apk
    [Substratum] Style Stats. v1.0 [Patched].apk
    [Substratum] Valerie v8.6.2 [Patched].apk
    3D Flip Clock & Weather Pro v4.39.07 [Paid].apk
    3G Watchdog Pro  Data Usage v1.28.7 [Mod Lite].apk
    365Scores Sports Scores Live v5.5.0 [Subscribed].apk
    500px – Discover great photos v5.2.4 [Premium] Downloader.apk
    500px – Discover great photos v5.2.4 [Premium] Plugin.apk
    500px – Discover great photos v5.2.4 [Premium].apk
    Abi for Twitter v1.7 [Paid].apk
    AccupedoPro Pedometer v7.2.3.G [Paid].apk
    Adapticons v1.2 [Pro].apk
    Add Audio to Video Music Video Editor v1.3 [Pro].apk
    Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor Collage Maker v4.4.490 [Premium] ARM.apk
    Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor Collage Maker v4.4.490 [Premium] x86.apk
    AIDA64 v1.52 [Mod Lite] ARM.apk
    AIDA64 v1.52 [Mod Lite] x86.apk
    AIDA64 v1.52 [Premium].apk
    AIO Launcher v1.15.9 [Premium].apk
    Album Cover Finder v2.4.1 [Paid].apk
    Aldiko Book Reader Premium v3.0.58 [Paid].apk
    AllinOne Calculator v1.6.1 [Pro].apk
    AllInOne Toolbox Cleaner, Booster, App Manager v8.1.5 build 150198 [Pro].apk
    Amaze File Manager v3.2.2.apk
    Ampere Meter v2.1.8 [Pro].apk
    Android P Style Icon Pack v1.0 [Patched].apk
    AndroMoney Pro v3.7.2 [Paid].apk
    Androoster Pro v1.2.0.apk
    Any.do Todo list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner v4.9.6.2 [Premium].apk
    App Backup & Restore  Easiest backup tool v1.4.6 [Pro].apk
    App Hoarder (Unreleased) v1.0 [Pro].apk
    App Manager v3.83 [Donated].apk
  2. App Ops  PRO v2.4.0.r606.779f1d5 [Patched].apk
    App Shortcut Maker v3.1 [Pro].apk
    AppBlock  Stay Focused v1.8.2 [Pro].apk
    Applock  Fingerprint Pro v1.27 [Paid].apk
    AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.54b2 [Paid] Root GP or LP.apk
    Aptoide Dev v9.0.0.20180615.apk
    Aqua Mail  email app v1.16.01173 Final Stable [Pro].apk
    Arc v6.8 [Patched].apk
    ArtRage Draw, Paint, Create v1.3.2.0 [Patched].apk
    ASR Free MP3 voice and audio recorder v206 [Pro].apk
    Audio Converter v1.0.3 [Unlocked].apk
    Audiomack Free Music Downloads v3.9.6 build 133 [Unlocked].apk
    Aurora UI  Icon Pack v12.6 [Patched].apk
    Aurora UI Square  Icon Pack v9.5 [Patched].apk
    AutoMate  Car Dashboard v2.0.5 [Premium].apk
    AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster v4.6.4 [Pro].apk
    Aword learn English and English words v4.9 [Pro].apk
    AZ Screen Recorder  No Root v5.0.5 [Premium] ARM (64).apk
    AZ Screen Recorder  No Root v5.0.5 [Premium].apk
    Baby Sleep Instant v2.7 build 37 [Unlocked].apk
    BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS v6.8.0 [Paid].apk
    BaconReader Premium for Reddit v5.4.1 [Paid].apk
    Beelinguapp Learn Languages v2.276 Premium.apk
    Beep Test Pro v3.60 [Paid].apk
    BigBlu Substratum Theme v23.5 [Patched] Nougat.apk
    BigBlu Substratum Theme v23.5 [Patched] OREO.apk
    BikeComputer Pro v7.8.5 [Patched].apk
    Bills Reminder, Payments & Expense Manager Appv1.4.5 [Unlocked].apk
    BitX Torrent Video Player Pro v2.7.1 [Paid].apk
    Black and White Photo ColorizerChromatix PRO v1.3.9.apk
    Black Light Icon Pack v3.6 [Patched].apk
    Business Calendar 2 v2.29.2 Beta 3 [Pro].apk
    Busuu  Easy Language Learning v13.7.0.117 [Premium].apk
    CALCU Stylish Calculator v3.5.5 [Premium Mod].apk
    Call Blocker v1.0.13 [Mod].apk
    Call Recorder  ACR v29.3 [Pro].apk
    Call Recorder  Automatic premium v1.1.150.apk
    CamCard  Business Card Reader v7.47.1.20180614 [Paid].apk
    Camera Block  Spyware protect Pro v1.53(unlocked).apk
    Cameringo+ Effects Camera v2.8.26 [Paid] LP or UP.apk
    Camly photo editor & collages v2.0.1 [Pro].apk
    Car dashdroidCar infotainment v2.9.16 [Premium].apk
    Carista OBD2 PRO v3.6.5 [Unlocked].apk
    Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 [Paid].apk
    CCleaner v4.6.4 [Mod Lite].apk
    Cell Tower Locator v1.24 [Unlocked].apk
    Chroma Lab v1.0.4 [Pro].apk
    Chromatin UI  Icon Pack v7.6 [Patched].apk
    Circle Camera v2.6.1 [Ad Free].apk
    Clean Master Space Cleaner & Antivirus v6.12.5 build 61256322.apk
    Colorfy  Coloring Book v3.5.4 [Plus].apk
    Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID drupe v3.028.0052XRel [Pro].apk
    Copy  Text On Screen pro v2.2.5 [Patched].apk
    Cornie icons v4.1.7 [Patched].apk
    Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit v20.3 [Pro].apk
    Daily Workouts v5.20 [Paid].apk
    DamonPS2 Pro (PS2 Emulator) v1.2.6 [Retail].apk
    Dark Infusion Substratum Theme for Android N & O v14.1 [P].apk
    Dark Material OOS Substratum Theme vm1 [Patched].apk
    Dark Moon v4.2 [Patched].apk
    DashLinQ Car Driving Mode App v4.0.1.0 [Premium].apk
    DevCheck Hardware and System Info v2.25 [Pro].apk
    Diabetes M v6.1.1 [Premium].apk
    Dict.cc+ dictionary v8.0.1.apk
    Dictadroid Voice Recorder v2.0.4 (Paid).apk
    Disorder & Diseases Dictionary v2.3.apk
    Display Tester v4.05 [Pro].apk
    DittoTV Live TV Shows, News & Movies 4.0.20180531.1 [Subscribed].apk
    Doc Scanner pro PDF Creator + OCR v1.6.3 [Patched].apk
    Document Scanner  PDF Creator v4.3.6 [Pro].apk
    Drivemode Safe Driving App v7.2.5 [Premium].apk
    EarthQuake PRO v7.0.1 [Paid].apk
    Ebook Reader v5.0.6 build 50033.apk
    Ekstar Unit Converter v2.0 [Paid].apk
    Elementary Icons v2.4 [Patched].apk
    Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro v1.5.2 [Paid].apk
    Eurosport v5.12.2 build 420 [Mod].apk
    Everywhere Launcher  Sidebar Edge Launcher v1.59 [Pro].apk
    Ewalk  Offline maps v1.0.50 [Paid].apk
    EX Kernel Manager v3.57 [Mod Lite] ARM.apk
    EX Kernel Manager v3.57 [Mod Lite] ARM64.apk
    EX Kernel Manager v3.57 [Mod Lite] x86.apk
    EX Kernel Manager v3.57 [Paid] Root LP or UP.apk
    EX Kernel Manager v3.57 [Patched].apk
    Exodus Live TV v17.2 [Unlocked] Firestick.apk
    Exodus Live TV v17.2 [Unlocked].apk
    EZ Notes  voice notes & lists v2.95 [Paid].apk
    FAV KWGT v7.5 [Paid].apk
    Feelm Soda  Analog Filters v1.0.23 (Paid).apk
    Fella for Facebook v1.6.0 [Patched].apk
    File Commander  File Manager Explorer v4.7.17413 [Premium Mod].apk
    Final Interface  launcher + animated weather v2.06.27.apk
    Fitify Workouts & Plans v1.0.3 [Unlocked].apk
    Flamingo Icon Pack v1.0.0 [Patched].apk
    FlatDroid  Icon Pack v11.5 [Patched].apk
    Flick Launcher v0.3.0 build 318 [Pro].apk
    Floor Plan Creator v3.2.4 build 242 [Unlocked].apk
    Fluce for Twitter v1.1.1 [Paid].apk
    Football wallpaper v1.2.0.apk
    Footej Camera v2.3.0 build 177 [Premium] ARM.apk
    Footej Camera v2.3.0 build 177 [Premium] ARM64.apk
    Footej Camera v2.3.0 build 177 [Premium] x86.apk
    Forja+ TV v4.2.0.0.apk
    FotMob World Cup 2018 v77.0.4966.20180611(Unlocked).apk
    Free Music Player Pro  search more music’s v1.5 [Paid].apk
    FtpCafe FTP Client Pro v2.7.3.apk
    Fusion UI  Android™ Oreo S9 Icon Pack v1.1.3 [Patched].apk
    FX File Explorer v7.1.2.2 [Plus Root].apk
    GameGuardian v8.59.0.apk
    Gentle Wakeup Pro Alarm Clock v3.0.1 [Paid].apk
    Geotag Photos Pro 2 v1.7.0 [Unlocked].apk
    Glass NOVA APEX ADW Icon Pack v1.1.8 [Paid].apk
    Glitch  Icon Pack v3.6 [Paid].apk
    GO Launcher3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers v3.02 build 670[Prime].apk
    GO SMS Pro v7.65 build 446 [Premium].apk
    GPS Navigation v21.0.1 [Premium].apk
    GPS Signal v21.0.2 [Premium].apk
    GPS Status & Toolbox v8.1.171 [Pro].apk
    Gratus  promoting good vibes & positivity v3.0.1 [Unlocked].apk
    Gym Mentor Pro v1.5 [Paid].apk
    GymACE Pro Workout & Body Log v1.5.0pro [Paid].apk
    HD Wallpapers Pro 2.5 [Paid].apk
    HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 [Paid].apk
    HEBF Optimizer Pro v2.1 b7 build 21 [Patched].apk
    Home Workout  6 Pack Abs Fitness, Exercise v1.15.apk
    HotSchedules v4.83.11191 [Paid].apk
    HP Prime Pro v1.4.0 [Paid].apk
    HUD Widgets  Driving widgets with HUD mode v1.6.7 [Premium].apk
    Ice Box  Apps freezer v3.8.1 [Pro].apk
    Icon Pack  Android Oreo 8.0 v1.3.2 [Patched].apk
    iJUK iCON PACK v3.9 [Patched].apk
    Imgur Memes, GIFs, and More v4.1.0.7904.apk
    IMMATERIALIS ICON PACK v7.8 [Patched].apk
    Infinite Painter v6.1.61.1 [Unlocked] ARM.apk
    Infinite Painter v6.1.61.1 [Unlocked] ARM64.apk
    Infinite Painter v6.1.61.1 [Unlocked] x86.apk
    Inventory + Barcode Scanner v6.06 [Paid].apk
    IP Tools Network utilities v8.2.1 build 274 [Premium].apk
    Jono Pro v1.7.0 [Patched].apk
    Khan Academy v2.8.1 build 733.apk
    KinScreen Most advanced screen control v5.2.2 [Unlocked].apk
    Kiwi UI Icon Pack v10.3 [Patched].apk
    KLCK Maker v3.32b816508beta [Pro].apk
    KLWP Maker v3.32b816508beta [Pro].apk
    KMPlayer (Mirror Mode, HD) v3.0.22 build 1237.apk
    KMPlayer Pro v2.2.0 [Paid].apk
    KWGT Maker v3.32b816508beta [Pro].apk
    LARA Automotive Locksmith Aid v1.89 [Paid].apk
    Launcher For Mac OS v2.3 [Unlocked].apk
    Learn English (USA) v10.8 [Premium].apk
    Let It Be O  Pixel 2 Minimalist Icon Pack v2.4 [Patched].apk
    Lifesum Calorie Counter, Food & Nutrition Tracker v6.2.4 [Premium].apk
    Live Lounge App v6.1.0 [Mod].apk
    Locus Map Pro  Outdoor GPS v3.31.2 [Paid].apk
    Logo Maker  Logo Designer and Creator PRO v1.5.apk
    Lumosity  Brain Training v2018.06.14.1910227 [Lifetime Subscription].apk
    Magic SMS Pro  Smart Auto Reply and Scheduled SMS v1.0.5 [Paid].apk
    MailGatePrint  Emailbased Print Server v1.1.0 [Premium].apk
    Malwarebytes AntiMalware v3.3.1.5 [Premium].apk
    Manga Rock – Best Manga Reader v3.4.2 [Premium].apk
    Manual Camera Pro DSLR Camera HD Professional v1.10D [Paid].apk
    Maps  Navigation & Transit v9.80.0.apk
    Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ v3.0.4 build 304 [Paid].apk
    Mate UI  Material Icon Pack v1.55 [Paid].apk
    MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder v8.06.06115 [Premium].apk
    Melon UI Icon Pack v10.3 [Patched].apk
    Memrise Learn New Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary v2.94_5784 [Premium].apk
    Metro Style Win 10 Launcher v1.9 [Unlocked].apk
    Miaow Clock v4.1.5 [Paid].apk
    Minasan  Anime Wallpapers v3.3.0.apk
    Mindroid v4.0 build 113 [Pro].apk
    Mino  Icon Pack v0.5 [Paid].apk
    Mirror Lab v2.0.2 [Pro].apk
    Mirror Lab v2.0.3beta1 [Pro].apk
    MIUI 10 LIMITLESS  ICON PACK v1.4 [Patched].apk
    MIUI Launcher v1.0.6 [Pro].apk
    MoboPlayer Pro v3.1.145 [Paid].apk
    MoboPlayer Pro v3.1.145 [Paid]OBB.rar
    Money Lover Money Manager v3.8.7.2018061307 [Premium].apk
    Morecast Weather & Meteo Radar v4.0.1 [Premium].apk
    Mosaic Art Lab v1.3.9 [Pro].apk
    MP3 Converter v1.0.9 [Unlocked].apk
    MusicAll (Spotify Killer) v2.0.22.apk
    MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer v4.3.0.0 [Pro].apk
    My Budget Book v7.6 [Paid].apk
    MyLog  Diary + Notes + Pocket v1.2 build 8 [Paid].apk
    MyRadar Weather Radar v7.0.16 [Pro].apk
    N Files  File Manager & Explorer v2.9.4.apk
    Navbar Apps v3.0 [Unlocked].apk
    Navigation Gestures v1.2.018_06_11_1601_23 [Premium].apk
    NAZG  Icons v27 [Patched].apk
    NAZG Dark  Icons v27 [Patched].apk
    NAZG III v27 [Patched].apk
    NetMonitor Pro v1.36 [Patched].apk
    NetSharenoroottethering WiFi Hotspot v1.22 [Pro].apk
    Nine  Email & Calendar v4.2.0b [Unlocked].apk
    Noizy Icons v2.1.7 [Patched].apk
    None Dark Icon Pack v1.0.0 [Patched].apk
    Norton Security and Antivirus Premium v4.2.0.4148 [Unlocked].apk
    Notes, Notepad  FNote v3.0.3 [Unlocked].apk
    Nougat Launcher Pixel Edition v7.17.44 [Prime].apk
    Nucleo UI  Icon Pack v10.6 [Patched].apk
    Nucleo Vintage  Icon Pack v5.7 [Patched].apk
    O Launcher 8.0 for Android™ O Oreo Launcher v3.6 [Prime].apk
    OBD Car Doctor Pro v6.4.7 [Paid].apk
    OBDeleven car diagnostics app VAG OBD2 Scanner v0.9.3.6 [Pro].apk
    Omega  Icon Pack v1.7 [Patched].apk
    Omoro  Icon Pack v3.7.0 [Patched].apk
    Onefootball Live Soccer Scores v10.7.1.322 [Mod Debloated].apk
    OnePX  Icon Pack v9.3 [Patched].apk
    Out of Milk  Grocery Shopping List v8.9.1_896 [Pro].apk
    Oxygen 8.0 Substratum Theme v52.4 [Patched]  PitchBlack.apk
    P Theme for Android P 9.0 Style Launcher v1.8 [Unlocked].apk
    PaperDraw Paint Draw Sketchbook v2.3.3 [Vip].apk
    PDF converter pro & PDF editor  pdf merge v3.11 [Paid].apk
    PDF Scanner v1.0.2 [Unlocked].apk
    Pear Launcher Pro v1.4.01 Lic.apk
    Pear Launcher Pro v1.4.01.apk
    Perfect Icon Pack v5.6 [Patched].apk
    Perfect Viewer v4.1.0.2 [Donate] ARM.apk
    Perfect Viewer v4.1.0.2 [Donate] ARM64.apk
    Perfect Viewer v4.1.0.2 [Donate] x86.apk
    Periodic Table 2018 Pro v0.1.50 Final [Patched].apk
    Phone Call Recorder Best Call Recording App PRO v4.0.apk
    Photo Editor v3.4.2 [Unlocked].apk
    Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor v3.1.0 [Patched].apk
    PhotoGrid Video & Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor v6.65 build 66500002 [Premium Mod].apk
    PhotoMap Gallery  Photos, Videos and Trips v8.1 [Ultimate].apk
    PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage v9.38.0 [Unlocked].apk
    Piktures  Beautiful Gallery v2.5 build 466 [Premium].apk
    PingTools Pro v4.26 [Paid].apk
    Pix it  Icon Pack v6.3 [Patched].apk
    PIX IT VINTAGE  Icon Pack v5.4 [Patched].apk
    PIXXO  PIXEL ICON PACK v6.3 [Patched].apk
    Pixxy KWGT v3.6 [Paid].apk
    Planit! for Photographers Pro v8.8 build 238 [Paid].apk
    Plex for Android v7.0.4.5617 [Unlocked] ARM.apk
    Plex for Android v7.0.4.5617 [Unlocked] ARM64.apk
    Plex for Android v7.0.4.5617 [Unlocked] x86.apk
    Podcast Addict v3.52.5 build 1607 [Donate].apk
    Podcast Republic v18.06.14R Final [Unlocked].apk
    Polar KWGT v12.6.18s [Patched].apk
    Polkadots UI for KLWP v1.02.apk
    Popcorn Time v3.2.1.apk
    Poster Maker,Flyer Creator,Banner Arts,Designer PRO v10.0.apk
    Power for Facebook v2.3.8 b159 [Unlocked].apk
    PowerAudio Pro Music Player v4.9.1 [Paid].apk
    Pregnancy Week By Week v1.2.8.apk
    Privacy Messenger Pro v3.9.0 [Paid].apk
    Psiphon Pro  The Internet Freedom VPN v191 [Subscribed].apk
    Puffin Browser Pro v7.5.2.20531 [Paid] ARM.apk
    Puffin Browser Pro v7.5.2.20531 [Paid] x86.apk
    Pulsar Music Player Pro v1.7.12 [Paid].apk
    Pure Diary (Paid) v10.7.0.apk
    Pure Memo (Paid) v10.1.0.apk
    Purple Player Pro v2.8.5 [Patched].apk
    QKSMS  Open Source Messenger v3.3.2 [Plus].apk
    Qubo Icon Pack v1.0 [Patched].apk
    Quizlet v3.20.1 Plus.apk
    Real Guitar  Play guitar anywhere FULL v5.3.apk
    Real Percussion FULL v3.1.apk
    Red+ Oneplus 6 widgets v1.2 [Paid].apk
    Reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) v4.9.8 [Paid].apk
    Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds v7.2.1 build 317 [Premium].apk
    Retrica  Discover Yourself v6.0.2.apk
    RETROPIX  VINTAGE PIXEL ICON v5.2 [Patched].apk
    RETRORIKA ICON PACK v9.0 [Patched].apk
    Root Call SMS Manager v1.13 [Unlocked].apk
    Rounded Corner v1.21 [Unlocked].apk
    Router Admin Setup Network Utilities v1.9.apk
    RunKeeper  GPS Track Run Walk v8.7.3 [Elite].apk
    Running Calculator Pace, Predictions, Race Splits v2.4 [Paid].apk
    Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness v8.6.2 build 201806144 [Paid].apk
    Runtastic Results Bodyweight Workout & Fitness v2.11 build 201806112 [Premium].apk
    Rustic v2.3 [Patched].apk
    S+ Music Player 3D  Premium v1.4.1 [Paid].apk
    S9 Edge Music Player v29.5.18.1 build 96 [Premium].apk
    S9 Icon Pack v1.0.0 [Patched].apk
    S9 Music Player v9.6.18 [Premium].apk
    School Planner v3.13.3 [Pro].apk
    Screen Timeout (Keep Screen On) v1.9 [Unlocked].apk
    Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 b52 [Paid].apk
    SD Maid Pro  Unlocker v4.3.0 [Paid].apk
    Sense Flip Clock & Weather Pro v4.39.08 [Paid].apk
    Sensors Toolbox v1.2.2 [Premium].apk
    Serial Reader Classic Books in Daily Bits v3.084 [Premium].apk
    Sesame Shortcuts v3.0.0beta6 [Unlocked].apk
    sFilter  Blue Light Filter v1.4.0 [Pro].apk
    Shazam Encore v8.5.3180524 [Mod].apk
    SigTrax v2.0.3 (Paid).apk
    SIMPAX ICON PACK v5.6 [Patched].apk
    Simple Social Pro v7.1.4 [Patched].apk
    Simply Yoga v5.20 [Paid].apk
    SkanApp handsfree doc scanner v3.79 [Paid].apk
    Sleep as Android v20180611 build 1946 [Unlocked].apk
    Slide for Reddit v5.8.7 [Pro].apk
    Smart AudioBook Player v3.8.6 [Unlocked].apk
    Smart Lens  OCR Text Scanner, QR code reader v3.5.2 [Pro].apk
    Smart Tools mini v1.0.5 build 9 [Patched].apk
    SmartScanDocument Scanner premium v2.1.9.apk
    Smugy (Grace UX)  Icon Pack v7.3 [Patched].apk
    SnapTube  YouTube Downloader HD Video Beta v4.42.1.4425001 [Vip].apk
    SoundCloud – Music & Audio v2018.06.12release.apk
    SoundCrowd Music Player v1.7.2 build 75 [Premium].apk
    SoundHound  Music Discovery & HandsFree Player v8.8.0 [Paid].apk
    Spotify Music  for Android TV v1.9.0 [Mod].apk
    Spotify Music v8.4.43.632 Stable Final [Mod].apk
    Storage Redirect (ROOT) v0.16.4beta.r747.f3a5edc [Premium].apk
    Street Basketball Association v3.0.5 (VIP).apk
    Substratum] Quetzal Dark v1.3.7 [Patched].apk
    Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy S9 S8 launcher v1.5 [Prime].apk
    SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator) v1.7.13 [Paid].apk
    Supreme Icon Pack v5.6 [Patched].apk
    Swift Backup v2.0.4 [Premium].apk
    Swipe for Facebook v7.2.17 [Pro].apk
    Talking Translator Pro v6.9.6.apk
    Talon for Twitter (Plus) v7.2.6 build 2045 [Patched].apk
    Tasker v5.1.11b.bf4 [Paid].apk
    Teach Me Anatomy v5.10 [Pro].apk
    TED for Android v3.2.0.apk
    TextNow  free text + calls v5.59.0_RC3 [Premium].apk
    TextO Pro  Write on Photos Premium v1.5.apk
    TextU Pro  Private SMS Messenger v2.4.0 [Paid].apk
    The Guardian v6.3.1673 [Subscribed].apk
    TickTic To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner v4.4.5 build 4451 [Pro].apk
    Tiny Text Keyboard v1.0 build 8 [Paid].apk
    Today in History  On this Day v4.0.3 [Premium].apk
    Todo Reminder Pro + Widget v1.0 build 16 [Paid].apk
    Tool (for Google Photo, Picasa) v9.4.0 [Premium].apk
    Toolwiz Photos  Pro Editor v11.03 [Vip].apk
    Touch Protector v3.10.1 [Donate].apk
    Transparent clock weather Pro v1.39.21 [Paid] ICON.apk
    Transparent clock weather Pro v1.39.21 [Paid] THEME.apk
    Transparent clock weather Pro v1.39.21 [Paid].apk
    Truecaller Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer v9.4.9 [Mod Lite].apk
    Truecaller Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer v9.4.10 [Pro].apk
    TuneIn Radio Pro  Live Radio v20.1 [Paid] ARM.apk
    TuneIn Radio Pro  Live Radio v20.1 [Paid] x86.apk
    Tweetings for Twitter v11.13.9 [Patched].apk
    Ultra GPS Logger v3.147o [Patched].apk
    Unicorn Dark  Icon Pack v5.6 [Patched].apk
    Unit Converter Ultimate v5.3.2.apk
    Video Converter v1.0.5 [Unlocked].apk
    Video Player HD v2.1.2 [Premium].apk
    Video Player Pro v4.5.2.0 [Paid].apk
    VideoShow  Video Editor, Video Maker with Music v7.9.2rc [Mod].apk
    Virus Cleaner  Antivirus, Booster (MAX Security) v1.6.8 [Unlocked].apk
    Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) v14.3.3 [Premium] Button Plugin.apk
    Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) v14.3.3 [Premium] Network Plugin.apk
    Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) v14.3.3 [Premium] Plugin.apk
    Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) v14.3.3 [Premium] Voice Plugin.apk
    Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) v14.3.3 [Premium].apk
    VPN Free  Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser v4.1.0 b4102 [Premium].apk
    VPN Proxy  Hotspot Unlimited & Free App VPN v1.0.8 build 10 [Mod].apk
    Watch Face  Minimal & Elegant v3.8.5.048 [Paid].apk
    WatchMaker Watch Face v5.1.5 [Unlocked].apk
    Waze  GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation v4.39.0.903.apk
    Weather Forecast v1.4.3 [Premium].apk
    Weather Live v6.6 build 156 [Premium].apk
    Weather Live Wallpaper Home Screen Forecast v3.1.3 [Pro].apk
    WEATHER NOW Premium US Forecast, 3D Earth & Widget v0.3.7.apk
    Weather Station v3.5.7 [Unlocked].apk
    WiFi Locator v1.92 [Paid].apk
    WIFI PASSWORD ALL IN ONE v3.0.0 [Unlocked].apk
    WIFI PASSWORD ROUTER v3.0.0 [Unlocked].apk
    WiFi Router Master Pro  Who Use My WiFi v1.
    WIFI ROUTER PAGE SETUP v3.0.0 [Unlocked].apk
    WIFI Signal v21.0.1 [Premium].apk
    Win 10 Launcher v3.0 [Pro].apk
    Wiseplay v6.0.3 [Premium] ARM.apk
    Wiseplay v6.0.3 [Premium] ARM64.apk
    Wiseplay v6.0.3 [Premium] x86.apk
    Word to PDF v1.0.4 [Unlocked].apk
    WPS Office  Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet v11.0.1 [Mod].apk
    WPS Office  Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet v11.0.1 MOD Lite.apk
    Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.8.5 [Paid].apk
    X Launcher Pro PhoneX Theme, IOS Control Center v1.9.0 [Paid].apk
    Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v4.5.14 b304051401 ARM.apk
    Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v4.5.14 b304051401 ARM64.apk
    Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v4.5.14 b304051401 x86.apk
    YouCam Perfect  Photo Editor v5.29.2 [Premium].apk
    Your Calendar Widget v1.18.6 [Pro].apk
    Your Phone Cleaner Pro v3.3a.d [Paid].apk
    Your Phone Cleaner v1.2a.c [Paid].apk
    Your Ram Booster Pro v1.4a.b.apk
    YoWindow Weather v2.7.5 [Paid].apk
    Zen  Relax and Meditations v3.0.10 [Subscribed].apk

How To Download Top Paid Android Apps into PC via Torrent Link:

Note: Before going to a downloading method. You know that it is a torrent file. So you must have installed uTorrent Pro Mod apk or Bit Torrent software into your Mobile or smartphone, or computer then, follow the method.

  1. First of all, download Top paid Android apps latest version cracked torrent file from below link.
  2. After downloading torrent file full.
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  4. After downloading full of top paid android apps then, you need to copy all your file into the memory card.
  5. And installed one by one which you want to be using your mobile phone.

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