Soulver Pro For Mac v3.9.3 Notepad Calculator App for Mac

Soulver Pro For Mac Free Download is a Notepad Calculator App for Mac OS Full Version. Soulver 3 is an intelligent notepad with a built-in calculator. It gives instant answers to any calculations it finds in your text. Working stuff out with a traditional calculator and a more lightweight tool for quick calculations is better than a spreadsheet. Silver is excellent as a simple calculator replacement. But it shines when you use it to explore different scenarios and experiment with numbers. You can use words and numbers alongside each other and rarely encounter an error. And all your work is automatically saved so you can reference it later. With Soulver, you can see and edit all your calculations all the time. Unit conversions, including live real-world and cryptocurrencies, are built-in. Use headings, labels, and comments to structure your notes, and enjoy automatic formatting features. Tasteful syntax colouring comes with a set of natural language functions that make it easy to do joint operations. Also, Check Out AudFree SpoDable For Mac.Download Soulver 3 Pro For Mac Full Version It comes with a stack of handy features for doing multi-step calculations. For instance, you can reference previous lines like a spreadsheet. And, like a programming language, you can assign names to numbers and use them as variables in your calculations. A total at the bottom automatically adds up all your lines, and you can make subtotals of specific lines used by tens of thousands of productive people daily. Many of us have been using it for more than ten years. Once you start relying on you’ll find it hard to imagine life without it. Instant calculations, no equals required. Use words alongside numbers so analyses make sense. Quick totals of all your lines and subtotals. Calendar calculations (June 9 + 3 weeks, 3:35 pm + 6 hours 27 minutes). Easy percentages (“$300 – 10%”, “30 as a % of 200”). Unit conversions (“10 kg in pounds, “25 meters in feet”).168 live real-world and cryptocurrency rates.Line references to build little calculating documents.Variables & variable auto-completing.

Global variables & custom units have 50 new features. Most requested features include support for dark mode, date & time math, subtotals, an integrated sheets manager, and a redesigned user interface. Note: Mac does not sync with Soulver 2 for iOS as they use different math engines. It can import your Soulver 2 files, though. The redesigned user interface supports dark mode and includes a sidebar for managing sheets within the app. Create folders for managing sheets—trash for recovering recently deleted files. Drag sheets from the sidebar to export a .slvr file Spotlight search integration. Sort sheets by date edited, date created, or title. Import Soulver 2 or Soulver 3 files by dropping them on the dock icon. I think this is my most used Mac app ever, and I don’t even remember life before Soulver. Everything from UI calculations to planning how much money we might make, this is the tool I reach for.”

The Features Of Soulver Pro For Mac:

  1. Dark mode.
  2. Sidebar for organizing your sheets and the ability to make folders.
  3. Headings (#), comments (//) & labels (:).
  4. Customize your syntax colouring & font.
  5. Automatic number formatting, with spaces around operators and thousand separators.
  6. Number scrubbing (hold shift and hover over a number).
  7. Deep macOS system integration: Touch Bar support, Quicklook, Calculate Anywhere services.
  8. Automation tools: a command-line interface, Alfred workflow, Automator action.
  9. Create folders for managing sheets.
  10. Trash for recovering recently deleted files.
  11. Drag sheets out of the sidebar to export a .slvr file.
  12. Spotlight search integration.
  13. Sort sheets by date edited, date created, or title.
  14. Import or Soulver 3 files by dropping them on the dock icon.

How to download and Install Soulver Pro For Mac OS?

  1. First, you need to click the download button below and shift to the Soulver Pro For Mac OS.
  2. You can easily download your software via the given method on the download page.
  3. After downloading, please follow the instructions on the download page.
  4. After that, your app will be installed successfully.
  5. After that, your app will be ready for use.

Soulver Pro Mac Full Version

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