Social Warfare Pro Social Sharing Plugin v4.4.1 WordPress Social Media Buttons Plugin

Social Warfare Pro Plugin For WordPress v4.4.1 Full Version Free Download Plugin For WordPress. Today, Hy friends will share the WordPress website’s Best Social Sharing and Social signal optimization plugin with you. This is a very famous and easily used plugin you have never seen before. So, you can now download free Social Warfare Pro, which is activated. Did you know that Social Warfare is a premium Social Sharing WordPress plugin that adds beautiful, lightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog? Also, check out Yoast SEO Pack Premium Plugin.Download Social Warfare Pro Social Sharing Plugin

Social Warfare Pro Plugin Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

The Social Warfare Pro plugin is lightning fast and lightweight, so your load times are reliable. With the best WordPress social sharing plugin, Social Warfare Pro is the best social share that can lead to more website traffic! Built by a group of social media marketing experts and world-class developers obsessed with performance. Most WordPress social sharing plugins slow down your site, are unattractive, and don’t work as you hope. Social Warfare Pro WordPress Plugin share buttons are both lightning-fast and beautiful. Not only will it never slow down your website like other sharing plugins, but we also give you the most attractive share buttons available that look great no matter what screen size or resolution. Social Warfare Pro Social Sharing Plugin Free Download Social Warfare is among the pioneers of customizing how your content is shared, particularly with Pinterest. The Social Warfare Pro add-on allows you to decide which image, title, and description appear when your content is shared on Facebook and Google+ sites. This also applies to other networks that use Open Graph data for social shares. So, that’s why social Warfare makes it crazy easy for me to get more shares and grow my traffic. Why WOULDN’T I use it? Plus, for a design nerd, it’s beautiful!. I use Social Warfare because how things are shared when I’m not there to do it is essential!. This is BY FAR the best-looking social sharing plugin I have seen on the net!. It’s a beautiful, super lightweight, and highly customizable plugin.Social Warfare Pro Social Sharing Plugin Free Download I love everything about it!. I use Social Warfare because it’s the only sharing plugin that can be customized to blend seamlessly with my branding. We LOVE Social Warfare at Stone Temple Consulting and don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to present their content in the best possible light on social media. I’ve used every social sharing service you can name, including hard-coded buttons, and none of them compare to Social Warfare. Social Warfare ROCKS! It is very visually appealing, very fast, so it doesn’t slow down your site, and it gives you nice social sharing icons that you can put on your blog, and I get a lot of shares. If you need this Social sharing plugin for your WordPress website, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of Social Warfare Pro Plugin Full Version:

  1. Gorgeous share buttons on every size screen: The attention to design aesthetic is second to none. We care about how your site looks and allow you to customize the colors to your liking.
  2. Easy to use, out of the box: Setting up your social sharing buttons has never been easier with our simple, “works-out-of-the-box” setup.
  3. Very Vast load time: Most social sharing plugins are detrimental to your website load times. This isn’t good for both users and SEO. Social Warfare is lightning fast and lightweight, so your load times are reliable!
  4. Never lose your social proof: With our Share Recovery feature, you’ll never have to worry about losing your social share counts when changing your domain name or moving to SSL.
  5. Control what people share and how they share it: Make sure that your visitors share your content in a way that will drive traffic back to your site with custom images, titles, and descriptions!.
  6. Fantastic support team: We are not a “one-man-show.” Our support team cares deeply about ensuring you have all the help you need if you have questions or encounter trouble.

How to Download and Install Social Warfare Pro into WordPress?

  1. First, follow the below download button and download it directly into your Windows or any OS.
  2. After downloading, please unzip the file.
  3. Now you will see two different zip files.
  4. Now upload this one-by-one file into your plugin of your WordPress.
  5. Now activate and start configuring.
  6. After configuration, your plugin is ready for use.
  7. Now open any post and start sharing on any social sites.
  8. Note: Never update to the new version if any update is available? If you edit it, your pro features will be locked and never work as you like.

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