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Facebook Popup like box timer Close Button For Blogger Free Download

Facebook Popup like box with timer and close button. In this Article shows you how to full and merely option to including this popup like box in blogger area, let see and comply with my step-by-step instruction, and Also right here is video that gives the right way to add Jquery popup FB like box in blogger with two strategies first is Auto and 2nd is Manually so Let see this video and add this. I think you will also, like Social Content Locker For blogger Free Download.How to add one time facebook popup like box for blogger

JQuery Facebook Popup Like Box With Timer Latest Version Free Download Screenshots:

Like Google, Facebook is also one of the successful internet companies that never fail in helping people regarding making money through online business. Every blogger agrees that social media, especially Facebook are the best way to drive traffic to a certain blog. jQuery-Pop-Up-Facebook-Like-Box-With-Background-ImageWith a billion number of Facebook users, all bloggers must take advantage of this social media site to acquire new audience on their blog. In targeting an audience, it’s pretty essential for us to know where most of their time spent on surfing so that we can quickly reach them. fB-likebox-v2-by-ABT1In February 2019, Facebook had 1.3 billion active users and 890 million logins to Facebook per day. With the average time spent on Facebook about 21 minutes per user per day. Having a significant number of followers on Facebook will help us in making real traffic on our blog. pop-up-facebook-box-for-bloggerThere are many strategies has been shared by other bloggers to generate likes on our Facebook page, but on this post, we are going to make a Facebook popup like a box that can help us achieve our goals.

How to put in FB Popup like the box timer into blogger:

  1. First of all Goto your Blogger Dashboard,
  2. Select your Blog and Navigate your mouse to Template,
  3. After Clicking on Template now click on Edit HTML,
  4. Let Search or Find by Pressing CTRL+F the Tag Closing Head as like </head> and paste these code that’s Give blow on the
  5. Closing Head means </head> to above.<script sort=”textual content/javascript” src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.2/jquery.js”></script>
  6. Note: when you have added already above JQuery Script then by no means add once more. Please, it’s worthwhile to test it first then take subsequent motion.
  7. After including the above code on the above of </head> Tag then
  8. Goto your Blogger Dashboard and  Navigate your Mouse on Click Layout.
  9. Add New Gadget then a popup will seem.
  10. Select HTML/JavaScript there.
  11. Now Paste these code thisGiven Below on this HTML/Javascript Box.

 <!—How so as to add JQuery Facebook Like Box with timer into blogger->
<type sort=’textual content/css’>
#makingdifferentpopup span
#makingdifferentpopup h1
.grabthis a
.grabthis a:hover
<script sort=’textual content/javascript’>
jQuery(doc).develop(operate() {
operate makingdifferent_ppopup()
//var mdww = jQuery(window).width();
//var mdppw = jQuery(“#makingdifferentpopup”).width();
//var mdleftm = (mdww-mdppw)/2;
var mdleftm = 500;
//var mdwh = jQuery(window).top();
//var mdpph = jQuery(“#makingdifferentpopup”).top();
//var mdfromTop = (jQuery(window).scrollTop()+mdwh-mdpph) / 2;
jQuery(“#makingdifferentpopup”).animate(, 0).present();
jQuery(“#mdclose”).click on(operate() );});
<div id=”makingdifferentpopup”>
<h1>Join us on Facebook</h1>
<div class=”htmlarea”>
<iframe src=”//www.fb.com/plugins/likebox.php?href=httpspercent3Apercent2Fpercent2Fwww.fb.com/fullversionforever&amp;width=400&amp;colorscheme=mild&amp;show_faces=true&amp;border_color=%23fff&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;top=250″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ type=”border:none;overflow:hidden; width:400px; top:250px;” allowtransparency=”true”></iframe></div><div id=”mdfooter”>
Please wait..<span>20</span> Seconds
<a href=”#” id=”mdclose” onclick=”return false;”>Skip it</a>
<div class=”grabthis”>
By <a href=”https://www.fullversionforever.com/” goal=”_blank”>Full version Forever</a>
<!– How so as to add JQuery Facebook Like Box with timer into blogger –>

 Additional Customization in your username in Popup like the box with timer:

Change your Facebook Like web page username the place is line colored Red and gave yourself like Page Username. So that’s end. Now reload your blogger website page and see the magic. Thanks for visiting our website. If you like this post, please share it on the social media website.

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