OmniOutliner Pro For Mac v3.2212.1 Best Ideas, Notes and Projects App For MacOS X

OmniOutliner Pro For Mac v3.2212.1 Best Ideas, Notes, and Projects App For MacOS X. Hi, Friends Today I Am Going To Share Best Ideas, Notes, and Projects App For MacOS X. Notes with more creative freedom, better organization, and PDF export options. OneNote compatible & Office 365 powered. Take your OneNote to the cloud you like best or even locally capture notes at any spot on a page and draggable around. Organize notes in the world’s most natural hierarchy. The store is in your local file system and synced across devices with your favorite cloud. Powered with import from Evernote and Circus Ponies. The OmniOutliner Pro Mac is an intuitive note-taking application for OS X with a convenient structure resembling real paper books: notebooks, sections, groups of passages, and pages help to keep order in notes, regardless of their complexity. The OmniOutliner Professional Edtion is perfect for students, teachers, physicians, lawyers, executives, and everyone whose daily life involves extensive note-taking. Also, Check Out Project Office X Pro For Mac.Download OmniOutliner Pro For Mac From HereOmniOutliner Pro Mac can be coupled with OmniOutliner Pro for iPad and Microsoft OneNote, which makes notes multi-platform. Type anywhere on a page. Much like in a good old paper notebook, you do it your way without the constraints of a tool! Limits are a thing of the past: arrange your ideas in Outline as they grow and populate the canvas, wherever they may lie. The flawless organization of the Outline visually portrays the hierarchy of your thoughts. Create pages, sections, and groups of cells within a notebook and customize them to that specific subject. You won’t get lost, but you will be pleased with the simplicity of such a structure. Use various formatting: сhange font size and color, apply styles and highlighting, and create numbered and bulleted lists, tables, and hyperlinks. Visualize your notes with associative icons, add tags, and generate To-do lists not to miss a thing. To collect related documents in one place, add them as file attachments. PDF files can be inserted as printouts for annotation.

The OmniOutliner Pro becomes a universal tool for storing and working with your data. Sensitive data deserves special attention and security. You are free to choose where to store your data with Outline – locally or in your favorite cloud. Section password protection will keep your information safe using industry-standard encryption algorithms. You have fine-grained control over when to lock protected sections automatically. Get a desktop-grade experience with this beautiful and powerful iPad app. You will find the same features in the smaller form factor. Do not forget to try inks. Outline for iPad and OmniOutliner Pro for Mac are separate though fully compatible applications. If you want to use OmniOutliner both on your iPad and Mac, you need to equip your devices with the corresponding editions of Outline. OmniOutliner Pro Mac edition works with local OneNote files on your iPad or Mac. You can also synchronize with OneDrive or Sharepoint to collaborate on notes with colleagues who use OneNote.

The Features of OmniOutliner Pro For Mac Full Version:


  1. Give your OneNote notes a new start beyond OneDrive or SharePoint.
  2. Export to OneNote, just in case.
  3. Go beyond import/export and collaborate on notes with colleagues who use OneNote (your Mac and their PCs).


  1. Choose where you want to store your notes: Dropbox, iCloud, WebDAV, Box, or OneDrive.
  2. Consider a no-cloud option, too: some notes need offline and cloud-free privacy.
  3. Mind the coming soon: SharePoint, OneDrive for Business / Office 365.


  1. Find everything a note needs by hand: text, lists, tables, images, checkboxes, hyperlinks, and more.
  2. Put that stuff anywhere in a note and then move around / re-size / edit it all the way you like.
  3. Keep notes structured in a natural hierarchy of pages, sections, and notebooks.
  4. Access a note fast via recent search and note links.
  5. Manage font size and color, apply styles and highlighting.
  6. Attach files and insert printouts, to collect documents in one place.


  1. From OneNote.
  2. From Circus Ponies.
  3. From Evernote.

How to Download and Install OmniOutliner Pro Mac into MacOS:

  1.    First, follow the download button below and shift to the downloading page.
  2.   On the downloading page, you can download either for Mac.
  3.    I have shared two types of links, such as for Mac card hop.
  4.    So, please choose one of them as you need and download it.
  5.    After downloading, please install it into your system.
  6.    If you like this software, guys, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

OmniOutliner Pro mac or Outline For Mac

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