My Library Premium Apk v2.1.1.4 Personal Library Manager or Management Software

My Library Premium Apk v2.1.1.4 Free Library Management App for Android Free Download Full Version 100% Working. Suppose you are looking for a library Management App that helps Bulk ISBN lookup with cover retrieval. Library statistics. Search through title and author. Filter records. It is Free and ad-free. My Library allows you to store your library and perform a quick search within it. Create, backup, open, and compact databases. Then, you need to download this App. This App is for book readers, librarians, and colleges. And manage all your books with full detail and description.  Maybe you like Password Manager Safe cloud Pro APK.

My Library Premium App 2023 Latest Version Free Download Screenshots:

For intellectual property reasons, real book covers are not allowed on Google Play screenshots. But in the app, you will be free to add official covers for your books. Please note that My Library uses many services (like Google Books, Amazon, etc.) to match ISBNs and the books you are looking for; therefore, if an ISBN is not found, it is because it is not referenced within those services. Am also like book reading. I have many types of books in my BookCase. Because I am interested in reading Science and Computer books and getting more knowledge, I now use an App named My Library Manager 2023. My Library Personal Library Manager or Management Software is a little application that helps you manage all books saved in BookCase. So if you like or Do you like reading books or have to do some researches books on different topics? The My Librarian Manager app makes your book finding easier and quicker by authors or title. So this App provides us facility to contrary to the manual search method. So this App is beneficial for doing book searches to make a database in this App. The Book collection becomes more comfortable to handle even though their numbers may increase thanks unexpectedly to the App capacity to store data useful for any research. You will be found and restore your books with title name, Author name, and With Cover photos, a little description. Most importantly, you can save or make a database according to categories. So My Library Manager For Android can save the images or cover. That makes the reader an idea of what the book looks like as I kept, what is its theme? And content so that the choice could be easily made. Also, the ISBN code on the book cover can be recorded in the App to help for quick research. If you are ready to manage your bookcase, you need to download My Library Personal Library Manager or Management Software or App.

The Feature of My Library Premium Apk App:

  1. Save books with title and author name.
  2. Create a little backup of your books.
  3. Create your Library.
  4. Search fast for any book to write ISBN Code or Book or Author name.
  5. Add cover photos of any books you want to save in your system.
  6. Create a category of your books.
  7. It supports Android 8.1 and also Android 10, all versions.
  8. Add a book to your library by scanning its barcode (title, author, cover, summary, published date, publisher, …).
  9. Add a book to your library via its ISBN or by keyword.
  10. Add a book to your library manually.
  11. Look for a book in your library.
  12. Sort your library by titles, names, categories, and read / unread.
  13. Export your library within an Excel file.
  14. Import a library from a previously exported library.
  15. Manage your wishlist.
  16. Display some statistics

Thanks a lot to my awesome users and translators:

  • Thomas Brasser (German)
  • Luca Gaudino (Italian)
  • Yanina Prunt and Maxim Makarov (Russian)
  • Matheus Philippe de Faria Santos (Portuguese / Brazilian)
  • Laura Cruz (Spanish)
  • Kenneth Chung (Chinese)
  • Sreekanth Chakravarthy (Kannada)
  • Katarzyna Jędrzejewska (Polish)
  • Merve Aydoğdu (Turkish)
  • Zahara Khaled (Arabic)
  • Luc Weyn (Dutch)
  • Andrei Ghebaură (Romanian)
  • Gudveig Rian (Norwegian Bokmål & Norwegian Nynorsk)
  • Damnjan (Slovenian)
  • Anthony Liu Nuttawuth (Thai)
  • WeePine (Vietnamese)
  • Сергій Максімов (Ukrainian)

How to download and Install My Library Premium Apk into Android?

  1. Download this App by the given below method.
  2. Use Winrar to extract this file.
  3. Installed the app apk file in your system.
  4. Now open your App and start data entering as the demand in option.

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