Memory Pictures For Mac v4.3.1 Best app to Keep your memories alive

Memory Pictures For Mac v4.3.1 The best app to Keep your memories alive. Memory Pictures App For Mac helps you keep your memories alive by embedding the location and journal entries within the photo header. The core goal of Memory Pictures is to allow you to keep your memories alive by assisting you in embedding the location and journal entries within the photo header. We all take photos with our digital cameras and smartphones, which is a great way to reflect on where we came from and where we have been to. However, a picture alone may not paint the whole Story. Also, check out Slidepad brings iPad-style multitasking to your Mac.Memory Pictures For Mac It’s never more accessible. You can change the GPS Coordinates and Notes to one or more photos on your list. To launch the larger map view, click on the blue magnifying glass on the top right of the built-in Map View.  We do not use proprietary settings, so your user comments and GPS coordinates can be read by any apps or websites supporting them.  A Photo may paint a thousand words, but a few words added to the photo would certainly bring back memories of the Special Occasion. Memory Pictures was developed to let you do that Photo + Location + Story = Memory Forever. Memory Pictures is an OS X app that lets you do just that. Photos taken from digital cameras come supported with a wide variety of information about all the settings used to take the picture with the EXIF header. The GPS Coordinates and the User’s Comment settings are nested within the EXIF header.

Memory Pictures supports JPEG, HEIC (macOS 10.13 and above) photos, PNG, TIFF, and RAW photos formats which include Adobe RAW (DNG), Canon RAW (CR2 & CR3), Fujifilm RAW (RAF), Hasselblad RAW (3FR), Mamiya RAW (MEF), Minolta RAW (MRW), Nikon RAW (NEF & NRW), Olympus RAW (ORF), Panasonic RAW (RW2), Pentax RAW (PEF) and Sony RAW (SR2 & ARW). The iPhone has a great camera; it is widely used like many smartphones. One beautiful thing is that the iPhone comes with GPS and embeds the location of where the photo was taken into theimageo so you can view back and know where those magnificent memories were captured. It is great if the subject is right in front of you, but at times, we take pictures from a distance, but the phone only records the GPS of where you are standing. The User’s Comment tag is a beautiful addition but is hardly used.

The Features of Memory Pictures For Mac:

  1. Add/Modify GPS Coordinates embedded in the Photos.
  2. Add/Modify the Place, Address, and Country in the Photos to personalize them.
  3. Add/Modify Your Notes or Stories right into the Photos, so you do not need to keep separate notes to the photos.
  4. Add/Modify Photo Keywords.
  5. Support Export the List of All the Photos’ Coordinates and Notes into a CSV file. The CSV Format is as follows.

How to download and Install Memory Pictures for mac into Mac OS X:

  1. First, follow the download button below and download Memory Pictures Mac App.
  2. After downloading, please Unzip the file.
  3. Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
  4. That’s all. Done & enjoy.

Memory Pictures for mac Download Button

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