Manico for Mac v3.4.1 Powerful Launcher and Switcher Tool For MacOS X

Manico for Mac Free Download v3.4.1 Launch or Switch to an app using shortcut keys For MacOS X. Free Download an app for mac that will assist you in running or switching any app into your macOS with keyboard shortcut keys. So, if you would like that sort of software for mac then, download Manico for mac. That’s a tool that permits users to launch or switch any installed app using shortcut keys. Also, check out Switch for the full mac version. Manico for Mac Efficient app launcher Tool For MacOS X So, if you would like the software, follow the below link and download it. Manico gives you direct access to the items you would like, using the Option+Number key to launch or switch to a target app quickly! If you’re the type of user who wants to use the keyboard to use the OS effectively, Manico will assist you in maximizing your efficiency. So, Manico for mac may be a great app launcher developed by the Chinese developer Ding Zhou.

With Manico mac helpful tool, you’ll use your keyboard to directly access any of your favorite apps. Just create the shortcut using ‘option’ plus any number key. So, Download Manico mac activation version is suitable for everyday use, and commitment through a more flexible, faster access and switching applications without a mouse, you’ll achieve improved workflow commitment. So, if you would like this software, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of Manico for Mac 2023:

  1. Beautiful OS X interface.
  2. Easy to activate and easy to hide.
  3. It supports shortcuts to switch between running apps (faster than Cmd+Tab).
  4. Supports customizing apps and shortcuts (Faster than Dock).
  5. Supports hiding the status icon to make the menu bar cleaner.
  6. Highly customizable macOS style interface.
  7. Support complete shortcuts to launch and switch apps.
  8. Use “Dock” mode to replace Dock to launch/switch apps.
  9. Use “Switcher” mode to use to replace Switcher to change apps.
  10. Use “Custom” mode to customize apps and shortcuts.
  11. Support hiding the status icon to make the menu bar clean.
  12. Silent Mode: add the apps to the “Silent Mode List,” then Manico won’t show itself when the shortcut is activated.

How to Download and Install Manico App on Mac OS X?

  1. First of all, click on below download button and shift to the download page.
  2. You can easily download the Manico for mac app file on the download page.
  3. Now Extract the zip file. And Double click on the file.
  4. Now Drag and Drop the app icon into the Application folder.

Manico for mac download button

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