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iThoughtsX For Mac free download is a Mind Mapping Software for MacOSX. iThoughtsX App For Mac is a mind-mapping app for the Mac. It is based upon and fully compatible with iThoughts on iPad and iPhone. Mind mapping lets you organize your thoughts, ideas, and information visually. Mind mapping is a popular way to organize and plan your thoughts, and many applications are available for both PC and Mac. In this article, we’ll look at iThoughtsX Crack, one of the most popular mind-mapping software applications for MacOS X. We’ll discuss its features, how it works, and some of its pros and cons. If you are looking for great mind-mapping software for your Mac, iThoughtsX Mac Edition is worth checking out.  Also, check out Similar Software such as Mind Mapping Software For macOS.Download iThoughtsX For Mac Full Version It’s one of the best options available, and it’s entirely free to download and use. Here’s how you can get started: First, download the iThoughtsX app For Mac from the App Store. Once it’s installed, open it up and click the “Create a new project” button. This will bring up the main mind-mapping window. Next, you must decide what kind of mind map you want to create. iThoughtsX has several different mind maps available, including product mind maps, team collaboration maps, and knowledge management maps. If you want to create a product mind map, you will select that option from the menu on the left side of the window. Once you have selected your type of map, you will need to start filling in the various elements of your map. iThoughtsX Mac Crack app offers a wide range of features that allow you to drag and drop elements into your project quickly. For example, if you want to add a label or category icon to your map.

iThoughtsX is a popular mind-mapping software for Mac. The iThoughtsX Mac Crack software has many features that make it an ideal choice for users. Here are some of the features that make iThoughtsX stand out. Accessible to Use: iThoughtsX is easy to use, even for beginners. All you have to do is start mapping, and you will be able to create great mind maps in no time. Wide Range of Features: iThoughtsX has many features that can help you capture your thoughts and ideas more effectively. You can use the software to create mind maps, brainstorm ideas, and more. Customizable Interface: iThoughtsX has a customizable interface that allows you to control the layout and look of your mind map. You can make it look exactly how you want it to, making it easier for you to focus on your work. Versatile: I ThoughtsX versatile and can be used for various purposes, including project management, brainstorming, and idea generation. It is perfect for any user who wants an efficient and effective tool for their work.

The Features of iThoughtsX App For Mac OS:

iThoughtsX is a mind-mapping tool for the Mac. Mind mapping lets you organize your thoughts, ideas, and information visually.

Typical Uses:

  1. Task lists.
  2. Summarising.
  3. Brainstorming.
  4. Project planning.
  5. Goal setting.
  6. WBS
  7. Course Notes/Revision.
  8. Meeting Notes.
  9. GTD


  1. Import and export to and from many of the most popular desktop application formats:
  2. MindManager
  3. iMindmap
  4. Freemind/Freeplane
  5. Novamind
  6. XMind
  7. Mindview
  8. ConceptDraw
  9. OPML (OmniOutliner, Scrivener, etc.)
  10. Excel/Numbers/Outlook/ToodleDo (CSV)
  11. Markdown
  12. Plain/rich text
  13. Plus, import only supports CMAP, Scapple, Mindmeister, Mindnode, Mindmapper, SimpleMind, and MyThoughts.

Export to:

  1. MS Powerpoint/Keynote (PPTX)
  2. MS Word/Pages (DOCX)
  3. MS Project (XML)
  4. PDF
  5. PNG
  6. Markdown
  7. Website (HTML + attachments)
  8. Flashcard ( /
  9. Things (Task Management App)
  10. iCloud Calendar/Reminders

Plays nicely:

  1. Cloud synchronization with iCloud, Dropbox, and WebDAV
  2. Handoff (start editing a map on one device – finish up on another)
  3. Send and open email attachments
  4. Cut/Copy/Paste within and between maps and other apps (e.g. Mail, Safari and Notes, etc.)
  5. Upload and download community-generated maps from Biggerplate

Flexible Topic Attributes:

  1. Color / Shape
  2. Images / Icons
  3. Notes
  4. Rich text (using Markdown)
  5. Hyperlinks (websites, other maps, other topics)
  6. Callouts / Floating topics
  7. Boundaries / Groups
  8. Auto-numbering
  9. Named relationships between topics
  10. Style support (predefined collections of colors, fonts, shapes, etc.)

Task Management:

  1. Assign start/due date, effort, progress, priority, and resources
  2. Email task reports (by project, by resource)

Advanced Mindmap Features:

  1. Multiple layouts (horizontal, vertical, fishbone, etc.)
  2. Multiple link styles (curved, tapered, right-angled, etc.)
  3. Embedded documents (PDF, XLS, DOC, etc)
  4. Over 100 built-in icons and 90 clipart images.
  5. Over 30 background canvas patterns (with the option to import more.)
  6. Ten systems ‘Map Styles’ (with the option to import more.)
  7. Presentation mode.
  8. Rule-based sorting – including the option to sort continuously
  9. Encrypted, password-protected maps.
  10. Outline View
  11. Search and Replace text within topics and notes.
  12. Filter topics (text, date, etc)
  13. Topic Summaries
  14. Conditional Formatting
  15. LaTeX

First-class macOS integration:

  1. Retina support
  2. Versions support
  3. Fullscreen support
  4. Spotlight integration
  5. Quicklook support
  6. Pinch to zoom
  7. Dark Mode support
  8. TouchID support

How to download and Install iThoughtsX For Mac?

  1. First, click the below red Download button and shift to download the iThoughtsX For Mac Page.
  2. On Download Page, you will have Download links and other Instructions.
  3. Please follow the step-by-step guidelines and Install your Software into Mac OS X.
  4. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit if you like our work.
  5. That’s It. Now enjoy.

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