HYIPLAB pHp Script v2.1 Hyip Manager Pro Best Investment Website Platform

HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro v2.1 Nulled Investment Website maker script Full Version free for Web Hosting Server 100% working. HYIP Lab is an advanced investment platform that works effectively with all devices. It is a well-designed, robust, secure, well-optimized, and SEO-optimized web application that meets investment platform owners’ needs. HYIP Lab is ready to use a web script for business owners who want to run and promote their next HYIP Investment business flawlessly. Also, check out Google Chrome Offline Installer Free Download.
Hyiplab Complete Hyip Investment System

HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro 2021 Full Version Free Download Screenshots:

HYIP Lab– the most advanced HYIP script of the investment system at Codecanyon. It comes with an easy-to-use admin panel that allows you to use it without any programming knowledge. This script comes with 20+ automatic online payment gateways to make payment easier. This software helps you to create and manage your HYIP with ease. Automatic withdrawal, mass payment, and instant payment are included. Also, check out Investorm HYIP PHP Script 2022.Hyiplab Complete Hyip Investment System Nulled The combination of price, features, performance and security are the best in the current market. HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro has been given a bendy template machine, an excellent way to trade the layout effortlessly. It’ll provide an excessive level of safety because it will forestall brute force scripts from hacking your passwords. Install Hyiplab Investment SystemIt has a new characteristic of consumer information in the infobox, and customers can transfer their budget to another person’s accounts without difficulty. This low-value application has a lifetime guide with an immaculate setup system. It has also got financial institution twine support which means users can deposit in HYIP the usage of the bank wire. It has got a javascript calculator to allow you to estimate their incomes on the go.

The Features of HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro PHP Script 2021 Full Version:

  1. HOT FREE & Paid Prebuilt Templates
  2. Easy installation script. No PHP file editing anymore! Upload and install with ease.
  3. A flexible template system allows you to change the design easily.
  4. Turing image for verification. It will stop brute force scripts from hacking the passwords providing higher security.
  5. Unlimited investment plans.
  6. Unlimited payouts plans (daily / weekly / bi-weekly / monthly / yearly / after the specified period).
  7. Automatic withdrawal.
  8. Instant payment.
  9. Mass payment.
  10. Unlimited referral plans.
  11. Multi-level referral program, up to 10 levels.
  12. JavaScript Calculator. Allows users to estimate their earnings on Newe fly.
  13. New Vip users statistics in theNewfobox.
  14. New Last registered user account in theNewfobox.
  15. New Users can transfer funds to other users’ accounts inside the system.

HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro 2021 Admin area features:

  1. New Accept almost any payment systems
  2. The new Administrator can define a maximum deposit for which compounding is possible.
  3. Furthermore, the new Administrator can represent a minimal and maximal compounding percentage.
  4. In addition, the new Administrator can make a plan to pay but close for further deposits.
  5. New Automated administrator e-mail notification when one deposits.
  6. New Possibility to encrypt a settings.php file.
  7. Define the currency exchange fee.
  8. Change System Time feature.
  9. Compounding deposits. The administrator can allow/deny the compounding function per any HYIP plan. In addition, the user can specify compounding percent when depositing.
  10. Custom HTML pages. The administrator can add a custom HTML page to the system (for ex., the “Ratings Systems” page).
  11. Bank Wire Support. The administrator can quickly receive and manage Bank Wire deposits.
  12. JavaScript Calculator. The administrator can estimate users’ earnings when creating/editing the HYIP plan.
  13. News section.
  14. Advanced statistics.
  15. Block user accounts.
  16. Block or use a referral program.
  17. Suspend payments to user accounts.
  18. Send penalties and bonuses to one user or the user group.
  19. Send customizable newsletters to your members.
  20. Send a newsletter to one user or the user group.
  21. Transaction history.
  22. The administrator can release a deposit or a part of it.
  23. Withdraw or cancel the withdrawal request.
  24. The administrator can set the withdrawal as processed without payment.
  25. Export withdrawal requests to CSV.
  26. Define the usage of double opt-in registration.
  27. The administrator can define also:
  28. Whether users can change their e-currency account in the member’s area.
  29. Whether users can change their e-mail in the members’ area.
  30. Whether users can use an instant payment feature.
  31. Whether one can deposit payment processing, you use.
  32. New Whether users can change their compounding percent.
  33. New Whether users can release a deposit before the deposit plan duration ends.
  34. New Whether users can transfer funds to other users’ accounts inside the system.
  35. New A minimal deposit duration, the maximal time the user can release his deposit, and a deposit withdrawal fee.
  36. The usage of the turning verification (the use itself, text color, background color, and symbol quantity)
  37. The usage of a referral program.

You can toggle whether to show users their referrals’ statistics (The number of new referrals a day, referrals’ ins, and signups) and their downlines list.

  1. You can also toggle the displaying of the following features:
  2. Whether a program started or not. The administrator can change the starting date.
  3. How many accounts are registered?
  4. How many funds were deposited into the system?
  5. How many funds were deposited today?
  6. How many funds were withdrawn from the system?
  7. Current visitors on the site statistics.
  8. Current online members’ statistics.
  9. Members list statistics page.
  10. Top 10 investors list.
  11. Last ten investors list.
  12. Paid-Out statistics.

HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro 2021 User area features:

  1. New Transfer funds to other users’ accounts inside the system.
  2. New Release a deposit before the deposit plan duration ends.
  3. Exchange e-currencies on the user’s account.
  4. Bank Wire Support. Users can deposit in HYIP using the Bank Wire.
  5. JavaScript Calculator. Allows users to estimate their earnings on the fly.
  6. Easy registration.
  7. Turing image for login.
  8. Deposit via all modern payment processing automatic balance update.
  9. Deposit from an account, automatic balance update.
  10. Account data change possibility.
  11. Instant payment possibility.
  12. Automatic withdrawal, if the Administrator allows.
  13. Detailed Deposit, Withdrawal, and Earning Statistics.
  14. Possibility to cancel the withdrawal request.
  15. The contact form sends a request to the Administrator.
  16. Referral links section.
  17. Referral statistics section.

HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro 2021 Automatic withdrawal:

  1. The administrator specifies the amount range ($0.01 – $100, for example). Then, the script will automatically process the user’s withdrawal requests for an amount within this range.
  2. The administrator specifies the max automatic withdrawal amount within 24 hours. For the $150 example, the script will save the withdrawal requests (but will not process them) if the user’s sum is more than that value ($150).
  3. The script encrypts your payment processing password and then places it in MySQL. Unfortunately, we do not share the encrypt and decrypt algorithm, so nobody (even your hosting provider) cannot decrypt your password.
  4. The administrator can disable automatic withdrawal for any user.
  5. Low cost.
  6. Lifetime support.
  7. Free professional installation.

Install the system with the simple setup script, or our dedicated specialists will install it for you free!

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How to Download and Install HYIPLAB HYIP Manager Pro into your Server:

  1. Click on the below button to start HYIP.zip.
  2. After downloading, please login into cPanal.
  3. Now add your domain via the addon od domain, Don’t forget to add the DNS address to your environment.
  4. After the addon domain.
  5. Now open your file manager and move on to your domain root.
  6. Upload the hyip.zip file after uploading. Would you mind extracting the root?
  7. After extracting, create a database with the database name, username, and password, and don’t forget to save it.
  8. After then, open your website. And then open install.php, for example abcd.com/install.php
  9. Inter your created Database information. Create Admin Account via email ID and password.
  10. Now click on install.
  11. After installation, don’t forget to delete install.php from your root domain.
  12. Now your website is ready to use.

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