GoodNotes For Mac 2022 v5.9.4 Best Note-Taking & PDF Markup App for Mac OSX

GoodNotes For Mac 2022 v5.9.4 Best Note-Taking App for Mac OSX and iPad, iOS Free Download. Hi! Friends today will share the best app to help you manage your daily activities notes on your macOS X. If you are looking for the best Note-Taking App for your MacBook Pro M2 X 2022, then you are in the right place. So, the app name is GoodNotes For Mac full version. Did you know that GoodNotes Multilingual macOS will help you transform your Mac into a brilliant digital paper and a robust document management system? Use the same features from GoodNotes’ iPad version on your Mac and work with your documents where and when you want. So, Use GoodNotes on Mac to access your digital notes wherever you work. Also, check out Transcribe For Mac 2022.Download GoodNotes For Mac Full Version With iCloud, your digital notes will be synced on all your devices, making the GoodNotes Mac app the perfect partner to access your digital notes on your computer. So, it is an Amazing app for my daily note-taking habits. I love this app. I use this more for pdf creation and personal journaling than anything else. If I were to add or change anything, it would include a colored pencil or crayon writing utensil among the hi-liter, and various pen-pen, brush-pen, etc. Doesn’t the primary photo use to advertise GoodNotes is written and drawn with what looks to be a colored pencil? How odd that is not a function. Also, a voice recorder that syncs with your written notes, as similarly done by “Colla-note” and “notability,” would be a highly desired note-taking tool. Other features that would rock my world would be inserted in-notebook hyperlinks.

So, for example, I may make a table of contents at the start of my 300-page notebook. It would be fabulous to make some text or an insert picture that would hyperlink me to page 288, where I want to read my notes on socio-economic hierarchies. Something like Collanote did. And also, the ability to embed videos or audio in a message would be beneficial. Despite that slight suggestion party I just threw out there, GoodNotes, is the note-taking app I consistently return to. No other note app seems to so effortlessly and ideally change, adjust, create, or mark up pdfs and GoodNotes. No other note app has such a fantastic array of paper to write on. Thank you, GoodNotes. You are some damned good notes! You are my most used app on all my devices. So, if you need this app? Then, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of GoodNotes App For Mac 2022:

  1. Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles.
  2. Create unlimited folders and subfolders, or mark your Favorite ones to keep everything organized.
  3. Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents.
  4. Add hyperlinks to external websites, videos, and articles to build your knowledge map.
  5. Back up all your notes to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, and sync across all devices so you will never lose them.
  6. Move, resize, and rotate your handwriting or change colors.
  7. Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shape Tool.
  8. Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks.
  9. Choose to erase the entire stroke, only parts of it, or only highlighters to leave the link intact.
  10. Select to edit or move a specific object with the Lasso Tool.
  11. Add, create, or import your stickers, pictures, tables, diagrams, and more with Elements to enrich your notes.
  12. Choose from a large set of beautiful covers and useful paper templates, including Blank Paper, Ruled Paper, Cornell Paper, Checklists, To-dos, Planners, Music Paper, Flashcards, and more.
  13. Upload any PDF or image as a custom notebook cover or paper template for more customization.
  14. Present a lecture, a lesson, a business plan, a brainstorming result, or group study without distractions when you connect your Mac via AirPlay or HDMI to an external screen.
  15. Use Laser Pointer on your iPad to guide your audience’s attention during your presentation.
  16. Collaborate with others on the same document using a shareable link.

How to download and Install GoodNotes For Mac into macOS?

  1. First, click on the download button and shift to the download page.
  2. On the download page, you can easily download GoodNotes Software For Mac.
  3. After downloading, please double-click the dmg file and install the setup into your macOS.
  4. After installation is completed, run the software and enjoy it.
  5. Now your software is ready for use.

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