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Dumper and Jumpstart WiFi Hacker Software For Windows Free Download

Dumper wifi hacker for Windows. If you have no ideas on how to use these tool for hacking wifi then, learn how to use Dumpper and Jumpstart and other suites to hijack WPA2/WEP/WPA WiFi networks. It’ll let you join without a password, and then you can get the password from inside the network. I’ll show you how towards the end of the tutorial. First, download all of the programs above. Now, follow these instructions for setting it up. Also, check out Beini Bootable Live CD Free Download.Dumper Wifi Hack Free Download free full version

Dumper and Jumpstart Wifi Hacking Software Free Download Full Version Screenshots:

The video is hard to understand, so I’ll try my best to list each step in detail with Dumpper and Jumpstart. Here are downloads of the things you’ll need: NOTE: You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer as well, or this will not work. You can install the Microsoft .NET Framework here. Disclaimer: I (The creator of the video has already stated this, but I’d like to go over it again) do not take any responsibility for your actions regarding this tutorial. Dumper Wifi Hack Free Download with crackThis was made by the creator to demonstrate weaknesses in wireless networks and for educational purposes only. Breaching other people’s wireless networks without permission is against the law. If you want to test this tutorial, try it on your home network.

Note: Don’t STOP the Process. It Takes Several Minutes. Probably 4~5 Hours. (Works Only in Laptops). Update: We have also Added the Process to Hack Wifi in Desktops Below.

How to Hack WiFi with Dumpper and Jumpstart :

  1. Download and install JumpStart, WinPcap, and Dumpper
  2. Open Dumpper. It’ll be in Spanish, so go to the far right tab and select ‘English’ in between the other two options. Your programs are set up and ready to go, now start the process:
  3. In the ‘Networks’ tab, select the network adapter you wish to use. Hit the ‘Scan’ button now.
  4. After it fulls the scan, go over to the ‘Wps’ tab. In the area that says ‘Connect using JumpStart,’ hit ‘Browse’ to select the location of where you installed JumpStart in the previous set-up steps. (By default, it installs in C: Program Files (x86)Jumpstart. Don’t open it, just select the ‘Jumpstart’ folder and click ‘OK’)
  5. In the area ‘Show default pin,’ select ‘All networks’ instead of ‘Only known networks.’
  6. Hit the ‘Scan’ button.
  7. Select the network you wish to penetrate. Remember the ‘Pin’ corresponding to your network in the scan results; this will be needed for later.
  8. In the previous area ‘Connect using Jumpstart,’ hit the ‘Start JumpStart’ button.
  9. Under ‘What do you want to do?’, select ‘Join a wireless network’ and hit ‘Next.’
  10. Under ‘Which setup method do you want to use?’, select “Enter the PIN from my access point” and enter the PIN next to your network in the scan section back in the previous scan results.
  11. Finally, select the targeted network from before and hit ‘Next.’Now You’re happily connected to that WiFi network you just penetrated. Do you want to see the password so you can get on from other devices without doing this process? Sure! Follow these simple steps:
  12. Open the menu where you join WiFi networks/view the network you’re connected to.
  13. Right-click on the network you just joined and hit ‘Properties.’
  14. Under the ‘Security’ tab, you can see the password, but it’s just dotted. Check the ‘Show characters’ box under it.
  15. The password will then reveal itself.

Hacking The Wifi on Desktops?

So Many People are Doing this Hack on their Desktops. But unfortunately, Desktops are not compatible with using this Hack. But Don’t worry, Here is the trick to do the same Hacking process on Desktops even. You just need to buy the Wireless Adapter and Install it on your desktop.
You can Buy it as cheap as 239Rs from Amazon. In Here (India)

Wireless Adapter in Amazon

You can Buy it as cheap as 9$ from Amazon.com (US)

It is worth the product, and it is only the last thing you need. After getting the Product Proceed as Above to hack WiFi with Dumpper and Jumpstart. Will you not regret it later for buying? Doubts? Please use the comments section and feel free to ask any question. I will get it solved. I realized this version was in Spanish and didn’t have the option to switch languages, so I found an English translated.

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