BetterTouchTool For Mac 2022 v4.010 Customize Your Input Devices TouchPad Gestures App

BetterTouchTool For Mac v4.010 Customize Your Input Devices For Mac OS X. Hy friends, today I will share with you an app that will help you enable your MacOS TouchPad and Mouse Hidden or Enhanced features. If you want to play with your TouchPad and Mouse, you must download Better Touch Tool For Mac OS. Because BetterTouchTool for Mac adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse, Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad. So, we can say that BetterTouchTool is an indispensable Mac app that has stood the test of time. Looking for App Launcher? Then, Download Manico for Mac.BetterTouchTool For Mac v3.553 Customize Your Input Devices TouchPad Gestures App The app was one of the first covered by MacStories back in November 2009. BetterTouchTool was a simple app for adding customizable gestures to MacBook trackpads and the Magic Mouse in those early days. Today, many things have changed in BetterTouchTool. Of course, it still allows you to configure all sorts of gestures for the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. However, nowadays, the app also supports many more input devices. BTT enables full Touch Bar customization and allows users to define keyboard shortcuts, including a powerful Hyper Key, bind the mouse buttons, create custom mouse gestures, customize the Siri Remote, and connect and configure MIDI devices, and more.

BetterTouchTool Mac offers a long list of predefined actions to automate tasks on your Mac that can be assigned to any input-device trigger you choose. The app also contains some handy features like window snapping, a clipboard manager, a screenshot editor, and much more. There is even a free iOS app to control your Mac and trigger actions remotely. Your imagination only limits the breadth of what can be accomplished with BetterTouchTool. A great place to get started and be inspired by other BTT users is the BetterTouchTool Community at Users have shared some fantastic BTT presets there, including some very advanced custom Touch Bar setups that you should definitely check out. BetterTouchTool Mac Edition comes with a 45-day trial, after which you can choose between a license that includes all updates for two years and a lifetime license. So, if you need the software then, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of BetterTouchTool For Mac 2023:

  1. Magic Mouse For MacOS:
    • Pinch In / Out (Zoom)
    • Single-finger Tap Left
    • Single-finger Tap Right
    • Single-finger Tap Middle
    • Single-finger Tap
    • Single-finger Click Middle
    • Two-finger Tap
    • Two-finger Click
    • Two-finger Swipe (Up/Down/Left/Right)
    • Two-finger Tip Tap Left/Right
    • Three-finger Tap
    • Three-finger Click
    • Three-finger Swipe (Up/Down/Left/Right)
    • Four-finger Swipe Up/Down
    • Four-finger Click
    • Tiptop Left/Right
  2. Touchpad For MacOS:
    • Single-finger Tap Top-left
    • Single-finger Tap Top-right
    • Single-finger Tap Top-middle
    • Single-finger Tap Bottom-left
    • Single-finger Tap Bottom-right
    • Single-finger Tap Bottom-middle
    • Single-finger Tap Left-middle
    • Single-finger Tap Right-middle
    • Two-finger Tip Tap Left/Right
    • Three-finger Swipes (Up/Down/Left/Right)
    • Three-finger Tap
    • Three-finger Click
    • Four-finger Swipes (Up/Down/Left/Right)
    • Four-finger Tap
    • Five-finger Tap
    • Five-finger Swipe Up/Down/Left/Right (See Faq)
    • Tiptop
    • Two-finger Tiptop
    • Three-finger Tiptop

How to download and Install BatterTouchTool Into macOSX?

  1. First, click on the download button below and shift to the download page.
  2. You can easily download the batter touch Tool For Mac on the Download Page.
  3. After downloading, please read the instruction on the download page and follow them.
  4. After Installation, your app will be ready for use.

BetterTouchTool For Mac Full Version download button

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