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AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner For Mac Free Download is an iPhone cleaner that frees up storage by clearing app cache, system junk, documents, memory, viruses, old data, etc., from iOS devices. AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner for Mac is a simple and professional software that can help you clean junk files, free up more space to speed up your device, uninstall applications, delete large files, Compress, export iPhone photos, etc. Is the iPhone running slow, and space is not enough? AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner can help you free up more space to speed up your iPhone intelligently. This iPhone cleaner software can clean various data like App cache, documents, apps, junk files, memory, emails, system files, viruses, media files, etc., to get more space for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Selectively choose the unwanted data types and get rid of the unwanted files handily.iPhone stores most personal information like photos, messages, contacts, emails, credit payments, Safari search history or caches, and more. Before you sell or give away an iPhone or iPad, wiping the private data on the iPhone is the top priority. AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner is an excellent assistant tool to clear all data permanently. One click will prompt the wiping process to empty app caches from Facebook, Safari, documents, emails, junk files, memory, system files, photos, videos, videos, messages, and others in no time. Also, check out OS Cleaner Pro For Mac Free Download.Download AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner For Mac Full Version Note: The Erase All Data feature will not erase data in the Files app, all passwords in Settings, Wi-Fi passwords, device passcode, Voice Mail, etc. AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner can let you erase all your private data from your iOS devices everlastingly, conveniently, and quickly. When you change to a new iPhone and want to throw out the old one, you no longer need to worry about your private information on the old iPhone. This software can clean up messages, message attachments, contacts, call history, notes, notes attachments, calendars, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, Safari history, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachments, and more on your old iPhone. Besides, you can select to preview and select data to be erased or erase all APP content in one click. Wipe All the Data on your iPhone Safely with 3 Erasing Levels. iPhone gets stuck, and you want to set it as a new one to fix the problem? Or do you like to sell or donate your iPad device? No matter your reasons, this iOS cleaner application can thoroughly remove all data and settings without recovery. It offers three erasing levels to save your data from such disclosure troubles. The low erasing level lets you quickly erase all the data on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, which is twice as fast as other security levels. If your iPhone runs slowly, storage is insufficient, and your iPhone gets stuck, etc., you can try this erasing level.

The middle-security level will overwrite the deleted data permanently to make sure the data cannot be recovered. Even if you use a sophisticated data recovery export, you cannot recover those wiped data with AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner on iPhone. The high-security level adopts the DoD 5220.22-M wiping standard that can help you remove private data like password files and bank records. It thoroughly shreds the data to ensure the privacy and system files are clean, and no one can track them. Backup, Compress, and Export iPhone Photos Handily. Photos carry more impressive moments in life. Suppose you are unwilling to delete those precious pictures on your iPhone directly. Just back them to a computer to free up space on your iPhone. Moreover, AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner can compress those photos backup to save computer space. Before removing those iPhone photos, this iPhone cleaner software can help you directly back up all original images on your iPhone/iPad. You do not need to worry about any important memory loss. The original photos are high quality with a slightly large size. To save computer storage, you can use this cleaning tool to compress the HEIF/JPG/PNG images and save the compressed photos on a computer. AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner is an intelligent wizard that can back iPhone photos to a computer and delete those photos from the iPhone to get more storage. So, if you need this software for your Mac, follow the below link and download it.

The Features of AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner For Mac Full Version:

  1. Free Up Space: AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner helps you free up storage space on your iPhone by clearing various types of data, including app cache, system junk, documents, memory, viruses, and old data.
  2. Professional Cleaning: This software is designed to efficiently clean your iOS device, helping you remove unnecessary files, uninstall applications, delete large files, and compress images.
  3. Speed Up Your Device: If your iPhone is running slow due to low storage, AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner can intelligently free up space to enhance its performance.
  4. Data Cleaning: It can clean various data types, including app cache, documents, apps, junk files, memory, emails, system files, viruses, and media files.
  5. Selective Cleaning: You can selectively choose the types of data you want to clean, allowing you to eliminate unwanted files quickly.
  6. Privacy Protection: AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner ensures the secure removal of personal data from your iPhone, making it safe to sell or give away your device.
  7. Private Data Wipe: It can wipe personal data such as messages, call history, contacts, notes, calendars, voice memos, Safari history, and more to protect your privacy.
  8. Erasing Levels: The software offers three erasing levels, including low, middle, and high-security groups, to ensure your data is permanently removed without recovery.
  9. Quick Erasing: The low-security level quickly erases all data, making it twice as fast as other security levels.
  10. Permanent Deletion: The middle-security level overwrites deleted data to prevent future recovery.
  11. High-Security Level: The high-security level uses the DoD 5220.22-M wiping standard to ensure thorough data shredding, making it impossible for anyone to recover the data.
  12. Backup and Compress Photos: AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner allows you to back up your iPhone photos to your computer to free up space. It can also compress the backed-up images to save storage on your computer.
  13. High-Quality Original Photos: You can back up high-quality original photos without worrying about any loss of important memories.
  14. Bright Wizard: This cleaning tool is designed as an intelligent wizard, making it easy to back up photos to your computer and delete them from your iPhone to reclaim storage space.

AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner is a versatile solution to clean, protect your privacy, and optimize your iOS device. If you need this software for your Mac, you can download it from the provided link.

How to Download and Install AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner into Mac OS X?

  1. First, click the below red Download button and shift to the Download page.
  2. On the Download Page, you will have Download links and other Instructions.
  3. Please follow the step-by-step guidelines and Install AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner Software into your Mac OS X.
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  5. That’s It. Now enjoy.

If you want to like Magic AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner Pro For Mac’s latest full version for Mac OS download, click on the Old version link and download them with a direct download link.

AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner Free Download

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