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Amazon AWS Certified Architect Associate Exam Overview Free Download

AWS certifications are categorized into four distinct levels where AWS certified architect associate lies in the second level. AWS is the most treasured certification in cloud computing that the employers are searching in the market. In this level, there are recent updates made to increase the efficiency of this world’s recognized certification facilitated by Amazon. The candidates can choose the updated version if they had not started preparing for the old one. The exam is offered to improve the professional’s capability to design and implement a solution using the architectural principles. The candidates are ought to have the required content by checking the available valid resources in preparation for this challenging examination.Amazon AWS Certified Architect Associate

Examination Questions

The AWS Certified Architect Associate exam has been made to satisfy the candidate’s skills in this field of technology because it covers every particular topic learned. The attributes of the examination are:

  • The candidate will have a privilege to do a multiple choice examination.
  • The duration designed for the exam is 130 minutes.
  • A candidate should do 65-75 questions to complete this exam.
  • The candidate should register at a fee of $150

Why this examination

The main objective of this course is to enlighten the professional’s ability on the following topics:

  • An advanced understanding of AWS security techniques
  • Implementation of AWS encryption mechanisms and control
  • The candidates will be able to demonstrate a concise knowledge of the application of Internet Protocols on AWS platform.
  • Candidates will have an understanding of AWS infrastructure

The examination is set to ensure that these proficient skills are ultimately represented so as to fully test the candidates’skills. This a non-biased technique that does not limit anyone scoring highly.

Who is eligible

The interested candidates should have a precise understanding of the networking terminologies and implementation. These skills will be in regards to AWS platform which is the key aspect here.

The basic understanding of AWS functionality is a core requirement here. This includes the understanding of the interfaces, the communication between the client and AWS platform using a common interface.

The candidate needs to have studied the deployment of Hybrid systems and AWS platform security should be considered by a candidate before registering for this certification exam.

Audience Targeted

The candidate is required to have been in the field for at least one year doing the various administrative tasks on AWS platform like designing an efficient network system that can be swiftly multitasked.

One should have earlier engaged oneself with at least one programming language that can manipulate the required task in AWS platform.

The interested professional should have the ability to build a software that is very secure to attacks that can corrupt the AWS platform processes.

Benefits of AWS certification

The certified professionals will receive a certification that shows that they are cloud computing experts. Cloud computing was declared as the filed number one field in the world with lack of expertise skills. The certified ones will definitely win the available jobs!

It helps employers to find the candidates that suit their company’s needs since they are able to interrogate their employees based on AWS skills. It will let them know the best candidates for their company.

It helps one to solve the constraints in the cloud computing by coming up with software that implements the most wanted needs in any organization. They will gain recognition and build a good reputation by simplifying the constraints.

Tips for Success

The following paragraph includes tips which will help an individual to prepare for this examination. These are the most helpful for you, as they are from individuals who passed during the first trial and topped:

  • The candidate should go through the training course and study Exam Snap.com – Amazon AWS Certified Architect Associate dumps and ensure that he/ she understands the Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud-Watch, and Cloud-Formation concepts.
  • One should do the questions that the instructor assigns, they are sometimes part of the question.
  • The student should not ignore every important aspect of this course even the FAQs available should be read.
  • The white-papers available should never be ignored too, they improve one’s understanding.
  • Ensure that you are free from any form of disturbance while reading because the concepts need much attention.
  • Do not forward the video course to meet your needs, every section is the key to your understanding.
  • Have a study guide to let you plan your time properly.
  • Read a short writing before starting your revision in order to bring your mind to the world of learning.
  • Always believe that you will pass, negative thinking ruins success!
  • The questions that will be done will not include the practice session but the candidate should be aware that the job opportunities available is full of the actual implementation of concepts. It is better to do them for your good.Expert’s MessageThe only way you can pass the exam is by reading and practicing. The questions that the examiners have put in place require you to have worked with the practice sessions. This will help you to distinguish between two or more related answers and come up with the right one.

    Training courses

    The interested candidates should find the training courses that can be used to prepare for this exam are available on the internet in many forms. It depends on the learner’s preference.

    Different vendors might offer the same training but that does not imply that the content is different. It is the responsibility of the candidate to go through different resources and choose one that suits his/her preference.

    Exam Dumps

    Upon completing the video training series available online, the student can encounter various examination questions to familiarize oneself with the examination setup. For that one should use internet search to find the most valid and updated prep materials. You can find practice questions with answers on Amazon website, choose prep material on ExamSnap website, watch video lectures on Udemy website.


    Cloud computing is often the catalyst of various technological inventions. The certified professionals are able to get a chance in taking part in this technological changing society. The course that facilitates this examination has all the training that one requires to be an expert in cloud computing. The world can be transformed by receiving this certification since it gives you more knowledge, skills and further promotion as well.

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